Education Pack

Discover all the features of our Education Pack


The Education Pack is specially designed for public education organizations. It brings together the elements that allow teachers to complement theoretical lessons with practical implementations and tools that are used daily in the industry.


 Kill two birds with one stone by using SCANeR in your teaching: students have the opportunity to implement industrial tools while the open and modular structure of SCANeR is an excellent opportunity for students to experiment, to design their own vehicle dynamics, to interface with any kind of hardware needed for various experiments, etc.

In order to meet the needs of the teachers, the Education Pack includes two platforms:


    • The Professor Platform: dedicated to research work.
    • The Students Platform: for practical work, collaborative projects, multi-simulation, etc.

Professor platform

Students platform

1x Foundation (3 visuals, 1 driver)
1x Simulator (0 DoF)
1x Human Factors
36 months of Standard maintenance

10x Foundation (1 visual, 1 driver)
10x Simulator (0 DoF)
10x Human Factors
No support nor maintenance. Students are advised to use the AVSimulation technical support forum, the Getting Started videos playlist available on AVSimulation YouTube channel as well as the dedicated web site.

The Education Pack can be supplemented with any of the other Packs as: Physics Based Sensors, Headlights, Vehicle Dynamics, Special Vehicles, Real Time Targets, Massive Simulation, NCAP & Regulations, 3D Environments and more.


To get started with SCANeR and to accelerate and secure the beginning of your project we offer a range of services as Training and Start-up assistance which can both delivered on site or remotely. Thanks to these you benefit of a real transfer of skills and support that guarantees your ability to implement, from the beginning, good practices and good architecture setup.



Main features


The Foundation Pack is a very important Pack. It is the only pack that is truly autonomous, as well as mandatory. It’s also the one with which all other Packs work with: it is, in a way, their common denominator. Moreover, when creating the Packs, we deliberately chose to bundle all the components necessary and sufficient for SCANeR’s « All in One » software reputation to be strengthened.

In addition to the SCANeR studio software, the Foundation Pack includes the necessary tools to conduct field editing, including cars and trucks in its simulations, interfacing with vehicle dynamics models other than those already available in the Pack etc.


The AD/ADAS Pack brings together all the functions for designing, developing and validating driving assistance and autonomous driving systems. It includes functional sensors. If more computation power is needed, each group can be executed on a different GPU equipped PC.

  • LiDAR
  • Camera
  • Radars
  • Lighting
  • E-Horizon
  • Ultra-sonic

It also provides ROS support to communicate with custom sensors via standardized means.


The Simulators Pack offers a complete solution to optimize the use of your simulators. Whether it’s a compact simulator or a simulator carrying an entire vehicle, this Pack will keep it working. To get the most out of your simulators and bring an unchallenged level of realism, SCANeR puts several decades of knowledge into play to enable hyper-responsive and immersive driving.

SCANeR being an open software, the Pack is of course compatible with simulators within the AVSimulation range, but it has also already been used in many other simulators around the world.

Human Factors

The Human Factors Pack brings all the necessary tools and interfaces to measure and analyze a driver’s behavior: head movements, eye movements, breathing, heart rate, physio measurements, video recordings, and connection to virtual reality systems (Oculus, HTC, etc.).

Scientists and engineers can evaluate the driver’s performance and behavior and carry out studies on fatigue, drowsiness, hypo vigilance, effects of drugs and alcohol etc. All without putting in danger the driver and other road users.








Software platform widely used in industry

By visiting the Reference page of the site, we realize the diversity of industrial customers. There are more than 150 who have rightly placed SCANeR at the heart of their industrial strategy. Typically, SCANeR is used at different stages of development which, throughout the V-cycle, go from the design phase to the test of the finalized product (VIL for example). Choosing the Education Pack is the assurance of allowing students to work on products that they will encounter in work-study, internships or following their hiring.

The Reference page also shows the very large number of universities, schools and laboratories that use SCANeR. Choosing the Education Pack therefore means becoming a member of a very large international community where the problems you encounter have already been resolved. Generally, what convinces the users is: the great versatility of the product, open structure, possibility to interface with any type of system, respect for standards and APIs allowing use with almost any language: Python, C ++, LabVIEW etc.


Over 500 scientific publications have already used SCANeR and there is a very good reason for this. Whether in internship, thesis, research, with SCANeR, students and researchers have the possibility of enriching the driving simulation software with their own algorithms, whatever the execution platform: simulator, PC farm, cloud, etc. SCANeR is a formidable playground that allows you to test your ideas, collect data, and refine your thinking . Whether through its history (SCANeR is the result of research), its philosophy or its design , SCANeR adapts perfectly to the scientific method and facilitates the experimentation of ideas.

Learning and skills acquisition

SCANeR makes it possible to discover all aspects and professions of driving simulation. Design of dynamic models, 3D modelling, real-time, test plan development, scenario design, massive simulation, AI validation, and much more. Choosing the SCANeR platform for teaching is the guarantee of having a stable environment, which does not depend on any third-party software and is therefore very efficient. Beyond traditional usage, SCANeR allows students and researchers to replace all or part of the software with their own algorithm. Typically, this allows you to experiment with your own vehicle model or plug in your own artificial intelligence. It is this freedom, this independence and this autonomy that inspires students to be passionate and acquire new knowledge in the long term.

A variable geometry offer

The fields of study, research and teaching change over time. The Education Pack can be decisively supplemented with any other Pack: NCAP & RegulationMassive SimulationHuman Factors, specific 3D environment, and more.