Quick Start Assistance

The best service to get started with SCANeR and to accelerate and secure the beginning of your project

Our “Quick Start Assistance” service is the best way to get started with SCANeR and to accelerate and secure the beginning of your project.
For a fraction of the price of the license, we offer you the benefit of a real transfer of skills and support that guarantees your ability to implement, from the beginning, good practices and good architecture setup.

The return on investment is immediate.

One day of Quick start assistance can save you up to 3 days on your project.

It is always difficult to get started with a new software, and even after training, it is beneficial to be accompanied and guided. In order to answer these recurrent requests from our new customers, we now propose to you to benefit from up to 5 days to support you in the implementation of our products. You can place the order up to 6 months after the purchase of your license.

How it works:


Where: We prefer to come onsite, however we can also help you remotely.

When: We follow your schedule and your needs. We can come for 5 days in a row during one week or spread it out over several weeks (example: once a week for 3 weeks.) We will adapt to the rhythm that suits you best.

How we do it: You choose the content of your training. You will find below a non-exhaustive list of topics, you can select one, several or suggest new ones.

Activities can include:


  • SCANeR installation, deployment and workspace creation,
  • SCANeR simulator customization: visual, cockpit, sound,
  • SCANeR asset implementation: terrain, scenarios, dynamic vehicles,
  • SCANeR model configuration: sensors, headlights,
  • SCANeR SDK development: Model-in-the-Loop,
  • SCANeR tips and good practices,
  • And more, according to your requests.



  • Must be purchased with a SCANeR license,
  • Up to 5 days of assistance,
  • Ordered up to 6 months after the purchase of the license,
  • Pricing model: Time & Material,
  • Price excludes: VAT, travel fees, licenses.

Client testimonial:


“We are delighted with our new SCANeR software. The Quick Start Assistance and training were conducted professionally and delivered in lines with our needs, it really helped us to accelerate and secure the beginning of our project. [The AVSimulation Engineer] was particularly helpful (and very patient), and ensured that the new SCANeR software was integrated seamlessly with our existing set-up.”

Dr. David R. Large
University of Nottingham


If at the end of the 5 days you wish to continue to benefit from our services, simply discuss it with the engineer who will be on your site. They will then put you in touch with our Services Department which will be able to propose a plan. Consult our services to better understand all the types of activities we can perform for you.