Discover ScenarioADVISOR, the tool created by our team of experts to give you a quick price estimation for the creation of your scenario. This tool is designed for a single scenario, for multiple scenarios an adjustment can be done depending on the difference between them.

You’re using SCANeR and want to further more in your experimentation thanks to the creation of scenarios? Look no further than ScenarioADVISOR, our tool will meet your specific needs.

Created to be the more precise possible our ScenarioADVISOR tool is a hidden gem of formulas that will offer you an estimation according to your needs.
All that is required of you is to complete the form below, once done you will be contacted shortly after by one of our experts to help you with even more guidance.

2Who Are You ?
  • Depending on how many possible scenario ending/paths
  • Different use cases you need (events or situations), it can be: emergency braking, cut-off, cut-in, pedestrian crossing, traffic jam, traffic tailgating, management of TTC, etc. Set zero for only random traffic behavior.
  • Vehicles, pedestrians, animals, involved in an event
  • For the event which required the largest numbers of actions, e.g. The following vehicle drive at 90km/h (1), then he activates his left indicator (2), and he changes lanes (3).
  • Specific road shape can be e.g. crossroads, turns, intersections, highway insertion, hilltop, etc.
  • How many situation required, e.g. I need 2 traffic jam and 1 emergency braking. Fill 2 in different events, 3 in total events.
  • Standard metrics are those already available in SCANeR studio.
  • Amount of measurements to take out of the simulation

*This estimation considers the existing environment described here.

*If the scenario requires a dedicated terrain, or a terrain adaptation, know that it is not taken into account in this estimation.