Driving Simulators Catalog

With a very large base of delivered driving simulators on all continents, AVSimulation is the world leader for the design, delivery and expertise on simulators.
Academic and industrial users can judge the adequation of our driving simulators’ features with their experiments to design future vehicles.

Our engineering teams leverage more than 30 years of expertise in driving simulation to design the new generation of simulators.
From fundamental behaviour research to motorsport applications, AVSimulation’s simulators cover the widest possible range of use cases in our customers’ labs. They are the only driving simulators to provide this level of quality of immersion.

Unfair competition ?


The unmatched level of driving simulation can also be explained by the fact the teams in charge of the design of driving simulators share the same offices as the teams developing the SCANeR software suite. Only this proximity can ensure the best match between the hardware and the software for an optimised performance of the final driving simulator.

Empowering your creativity!


AVSimulation also relies on a network of expert manufacturing partners in Europe, America and Asia. With these long-term partners, we are able to implement the latest technologies at the service of your creativity. Whether they need expert grade carbon fibre or tomorrow’s display expertise, our driving simulators are kept up-to-date to improve the efficiency and realism of the driving sessions.

When they work on the design, production, validation or certification our simulators, our engineers are focused on the performance and reliability for your research.


Our catalogue of driving simulators is shown below. Let us help you to find the most adapted solution to significantly improve your simulation activities.


The most affordable simulation platform, compact and ready-to-drive.

  • All included: hardware and SCANeR software
  • Realistic driving cockpit and position
  • Supervision console included
  • Professional quality grade


Configurable, ready to host your additional equipment and adapt to tomorrow’s ADAS systems.

  • More immersion
  • Real vehicle parts
  • Large field of view with triple 4K display
  • Several options to expand


Realistic driving cockpits, ready for open public driving sessions. SimPRIME+ includes a 6 DoF motion system.

  • All included, ready to run
  • Cockpit with real dashboard, seat, steering wheel
  • Professional computer system
  • Moveable
  • Slick design, top quality components
  • Triple 4K display


First simulator in the line-up with a complete car cockpit, and an invisible motion system!
Get the real experience of a real car, a seamless integration and an ultra-wide visual system.
Integrated 3 DoF motion platform for the comfort and realism of high-end driving simulators in a compact setup.


When you need more dynamic driving, SimDYN brings full scale accelerations for everyday driving conditions.

  • Full car cockpit, customizable. Professional integration of the simulation parts to keep the driver’s experience.
  • Ready to run, tested and commissioned by AVSimulation experts. Designed to make a full profit of the SCANeR features.
  • Latest visual solutions, including LED walls


The value of driving simulation depends on the level of immersion and its accuracy. SimPULSE uses a condensed version of the SimELITE solutions in a more compact format, but keeps the driver’s experience and the usability at their highest levels.


The world’s most performant simulator in the field of driving simulation. The only driving simulators capable of such a wide range of use cases, including dynamics studies.

  • The most advanced manufacturing technologies for unmatched performances.
  • Intense and long-lasting accelerations for all driving manoeuvres. 360° visual immersion, and more!

Hundreds of simulators run SCANeR in the world. AVSimulation offers a range of off-the-shelf driving simulators, but we also deliver specific systems when our clients need tailored features.

Check the SimADVISOR to see which driving simulator fits your needs at best. If you think your work requires a bespoke solution, let’s meet so we can see how to accelerate your projects!