Maintenance and Support

The assurance of being able to work with peace of mind.

Maintenance contracts allow users to:


  • Access to an online knowledge base. Based on Confluence, the database contains in-depth articles written and maintained by technical support engineers that will answer many of your questions.
  • Get quick and clear answers to your software usage questions. Our Help Desk is based on Jira. Whether it’s a feature request, a problem or a bug, it will be handled, solved and logged.
  • To receive regular software updates. For the current version you will receive one major, one minor and 2 quarterly updates. If you are still using a previous version, you will receive 4 quarterly updates.
  • Depending on the type of maintenance contract, our engineers may or may not be able to remotely take control of your stations and show you how to do it. This is a great way to stay productive and avoid getting stuck on a problem. Also, follow-up meetings will be organized regularly and commitments will be made regarding resolution times.
  • Note that as additional services, our teams are likely to integrate some of your use cases in our validation cycles. This is the assurance that your scenarios will always work with the new updates. This saves you validation time. Similarly, we can send our engineers on site to perform a diagnostic or help you deploy your updates.




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