Services Catalog




Our catalog of services is organized around three main categories:

  • ADVISE concerns strategy consulting: does your project need to use simulation? Does it require the deployment of a simulator? If so, which one? We also help you choose the most appropriate packages for your project (Headlights, vehicle dynamics, etc.)
  • BUILD is about the launch of the project. You invest, we develop and integrate for you, which ensures a fast function and maintenance of the product.
  • OPERATE concerns the phase of using scenarios and simulation. We offer you the opportunity to work with one of our engineers who will help you in the execution of your project.

We offer many services that you can discover below. With different customers, we’ve had the opportunity to implement them for various projects.

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In the Advise phase, customers want to benefit from an expert opinion, set up a study to decide whether or not to launch into simulation, confirm a software strategy, define objectives and understand the best way to reach them. For example: Is it necessary to have a general simulator or several very specialized simulators? How long will it take for my simulation resources to become profitable? What are the KPIs to be implemented? We also classify in this category all the prototyping operations that allow to risk an option as well as all the definitions of software, hardware or IT architectures.


In the Build phase we find all the services related to design, construction and development. This includes a very wide range such as designing an API to interface with a specific hardware, integrating the simulation software in an existing workflow, designing mechanical or electronic interfaces, and so on.


In the Operate section we group all services that are related to the operation of software and simulators; services in which our teams operate the simulation facilities on behalf of the customer. In this context, they are in charge of the agenda, the preparation of tests and experiments, and the collection and formatting of data. More classically, this also covers all software or hardware maintenance, technical support, deployment of updates and management of the end of life of a simulator.

Call on our experts to find out which service is best suited to your project.