Immersion at its best to gather valuable data on the driver’s behaviour and performance. Drive the next generation of autonomous vehicles or assess the impact of ADAS before the first prototypes are on the road. These simulators offer an homogeneous level of fidelity for all cues
New projects at the scale of a city require an evaluation of the driver’s experience before the building works are started. Infrastructure simulation enables studies on the efficiency of the traffic management and assessment of the safety equipment and procedures by real humans.
Custom simulators designed either for open public (shows and exhibits …) or for private use. New vehicle concepts or services can be experienced in a safe and controlled way. These simulators carry the values and messages of the customers.
The highly realistic simulation of the vehicle body accelerates the design of the next vehicles by immerging drivers and passengers. With the accurate simulation of the cockpit interior and the external body, the perceived quality of vehicles can be anticipated and evaluated without physical prototypes. Virtual Reality is widely present in these simulators.
Anticipate and evaluate the dynamics with a digital twin of tomorrow’s vehicle. The most demanding and accurate simulation of the complete powertrain and multi body of the vehicle let the driver experience the reactions of the future vehicle. Most efforts are made to provide the fastest responses to the driver.
Emissions, fuels consumption, energy efficiency... The expert simulation of the whole powertrain enables R&D teams to improve tomorrow’s strategies for hybrid, electrical or combustion engines. These simulators can be connected to external models and hardware.
When every millisecond can make a difference, the racing simulators are used by professional teams for pilot training, cockpit development and optimisation of race strategies.
The development of headlights for new vehicles is greatly optimized with these simulators. They enable engineers to assess and compare different lighting solutions (traditional lamps, LED, pixel lighting) instantly in different weather conditions. The visual system is precisely calibrated to offer photorealistic brightness levels.
These simulators cover a variety of situations to accelerate the training of drivers for trucks, buses, construction or army vehicles. The simulators can be networked for an optimised efficiency.
NVH simulators enable to experiment and compare various types of vehicles for a subjective evaluation by real drivers and passengers. With these simulators the perceived quality of the vehicle meets the physical metrics to validate strategic choices in the design of new platforms.


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