Webinar - The integration of regulatory and Euro NCAP type test protocols in SCANeR

The simulation of regulatory tests and Euro NCAP is now available thanks to UTAC CERAM and AVSimulation. We are proud of this new partnership that represents a real competitive advantage for our users.

Click here to watch the video presentation on our Youtube page!

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Accelerating automotive innovation thanks to simulation

With the rise of autonomy and connectivity the automotive industry is undergoing the fastest transformation since Henry Ford. It has become a race where all players have to run tremendous amounts of virtual scenarios in order to test captured data and drive billions of relevant digital miles faster than competition.

AVSimulation enables its clients to accelerate thanks to end-to-end simulation solutions including SCANeR™ the most open and complete simulation platform for the automotive industry, the most advanced driving simulators as well as all the associated services required to help them focus on their experimentation.

Innovate > Simulate > Accelerate 

The Backbone for Autonomous Driving Simulation

Driving an Autonomous Vehicle around a building block or on a straight highway will never expose it to the endless accident-prone possibilities and situations that it can face in particular at night or in harsh weather conditions.

This is the reason why our software solution – SCANeR – has been selected by the largest car manufacturers (in volumes) for prototyping, validation and now massive simulation on either on premise or cloud based – and nearly unlimited – GPUs and CPUs.

Innovate > Simulate > Accelerate

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Our Story

Our shareholders OKTAL SYDAC (owns 65% of AVSimulation and is part of the Sogeclair Group) and Renault (35%) provide us with 30 years’ experience in engineering and simulation, deep automotive domain knowledge and financial stability.

We have been fine-tuning our simulation software for more than 20 years and integrated the most demanding simulators used by car manufacturers and academics.

We have been focusing on modularity and openness to ensure our solutions can connect to all industry standards.

We work with clients all over the world