AVSimulation accelerates and secures the development of tomorrow’s mobility solutions.

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AVSimulation SCANeR

Simulation software: SCANeR

SCANeR is the leading solution for Autonomous and Connected Vehicles simulation, ADAS design and validation, Human Factors studies and MIL, SIL, HIL, DIL test benches and simulators.


AVSimulation designs and delivers a wide range of simulators to meet all your needs: from compact to more immersive and advanced simulators.
Our cutting-edge technology is embedded into our products, at the service of designers and engineers for decisive steps in their projets.
The most innovative research labs in the world use our simulators to explore tomorrow’s mobility solutions.

AVSimulation Services


Whether we designed your simulator or not, whether you use SCANeR software or not… we support you in strategic orientations, the training of your teams, the maintenance of your means or the development of 3D environments.


Build a better and safest world together, thanks to simulation.