SCANeR Catalog

Discover the organization of SCANeR: The Packs!

SCANeR software has been used for more than 30 years by more than 250 customers. More than 2,000 licenses have been deployed and more than 500 scientific papers have been published. This experience allows us to establish the following observations:

First: SCANeR is used in different use cases and by teams with very different roles.

From the point of view of the company or the project management, it is the assurance to share best practices and test scenarios and therefore to optimize costs and reduce schedules. For example, a team in charge of designing projectors uses SCANeR to validate a concept. On the other hand, SCANeR is used by the team in charge of designing and validating ADAS, etc. This is what we see in the first illustration.

No other simulation software is as versatile.  

Second: SCANeR is present throughout the V-cycle. For example, it is used by the design teams who have to decide whether to follow up on a given prototype. At this level, it is the hyper-realism of SCANeR that allows to quickly remove doubts and to decide whether or not to continue investing in a prototype or a concept.

Similarly, at the other end of the cycle, SCANeR is used by test teams, on HIL or VIL benches. Here, its real-time capabilities are essential. These allow to check the vehicle strategies and the sensors behavior.


Third: SCANeR is used on very different platforms ranging from desktop computers to public or private clouds, including HIL or VIL benches.

To reach such a level of flexibility, over time, a whole set of components and software add-ons have been developed. They allow SCANeR to be used in a wide range of professions or in many different contexts of use. However, as the offer of software complements has become overloaded, in 2021 we have decided to simplify the SCANeR packaging.


The Packs

From now on, we propose a division of the software offer in the form of Packs.

Foudation Pack

With the Foundation Pack, you are completely autonomous and you don’t need to implement other third party software. In fact, in addition to the SCANeR studio software, the Foundation Pack includes everything you need to edit terrains, include vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles…), set traffic parameters, interface with vehicle dynamics models other than those already available in the Pack, etc. Then, depending on your job (What is your Job? – see below) and/or the way you do it (How do you work? – see below) you will complete the Foundation Pack with other Packs (Massive Simulation, Headlights…).

The Foundation Pack is the centerpiece on which you build your simulation strategy.



The first major category of Packs focuses on users’ businesses. The question these Packs answer is: What is your job? What is your job? To date, there are the following 6 Packs.

Click on the icons that best correspond to your job.


Two engineers doing the same job may well do it in completely different contexts. The second category of Packs focuses on the way users do their job. The question we ask is: How do you work? How do you work?

Click on the icons that correspond to the way you work.

The transparent use of the network is part of the DNA of SCANeR. Indeed, on a simulator, it is essential to be able to distribute the processors load on several PCs connected in networks. Users are therefore used to distributing the software components of their simulation application on several networked PCs. It is the same with Packs. In other words, you can distribute on several PCs the Packs that correspond to your use case. Please feel free to learn more about our licensing policy. It is explained on the Foundation Pack page.

As you will see in this catalog, each Pack includes add-ons that allow you to specialize the use of SCANeR to a particular type of business or to a particular use. They are said to be “orthogonal” since there is no overlap of functionalities between them. Even if it makes no sense, theoretically they could all be used together. That said, none of them can be used independently. This is logical since they enrich or specialize the SCANeR software that is in the Foundation Pack.