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CEO and Head of Services

I am very proud and honored to have been appointed CEO of AVSimulation shortly after the joint-venture was founded by OKTAL and Renault. From day one I have been amazed by the autonomy, resilience and commitment that the AVSimulation team has persistently demonstrated until today.

We share a value with Renault: passion. Everyone at AVSimulation is passionate whether we design and integrate high performance simulators, expand the capabilities of our open and modular simulation platform SCANeR or deliver value add services to our customers who are at the heart of our organization.

Together with our partners we made the impossible possible to deploy the most advanced Driver-In-the-Loop simulators, combining the lightest and largest carbon made dome, extremely innovative motion systems, flawless projection systems and seamless integration to all Advanced Driving Assistance Systems in the vehicle to allow thorough experimentation and testing. We inherited from OKTAL a whatever it takes attitude that is mandatory to build what our customers call “time machines” as our advanced simulators allow designers and users to experience tomorrow’s mobility solutions.

What is powering these revolutionary simulators is our software SCANeR that simulates vehicles, sensors, traffic, driving scenarios and the entire surrounding environment. SCANeR runs on simulators, PCs, laptops, a wide range of Hardware-In-the-Loop test benches or on public clouds and is distributed and integrated by our Value-Added Resellers to offer fully integrated solutions to our customers in China, Europe, USA, Japan, India and South-Corea to name a few countries.

Thanks to the support of our new shareholder Dassault Systemes SCANeR is being integrated to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform which will revolutionize the way our joint clients design, test, collaborate, validate and homologate their products and mobility services. Together AVSimulation and Dassault Systemes will offer unprecedented time-to-market reduction, optimal reuse and automation.

Simulation keeps the work going despite challenging times and we are surely busy accelerating and securing tomorrow’s mobility solutions. We foster diversity in age, nationalities and gender and attitude, every one plays a crucial role at AVSimulation, we are always looking for talent so if you read these lines and are considering starting a career in simulation please apply to our open positions!



AVSimulation designs, sells and maintains a wide range of automotive simulation software and solutions. We are the only player in the market to offer simulation software, simulators and all associated services.

Our wide range of simulators extends from 30 k€ to 30 M€ and in 2021 we are finalizing the 3 largest simulators in the world.
On the other hand, our simulation software ensures digital continuity of industrial process by supporting engineers throughout the V cycle: our simulations are available on Windows and Linux, they are used in HIL, SIL, MIL test benches, massive simulation in the cloud or on premise…
In addition, we deliver a full range of services ranging from the digitization of roads to training through the creation of scenarios. We also ensure the maintenance in operational condition of the means or outright full support for the operation of the simulation means.

AVSimulation is a joint-venture that was originally founded in 2017 by Renault and Sogeclair Group. It was combining 30 years’ experience in engineering, simulation, automotive domain knowledge and financial stability.

In 2021, AVSimulation welcomed Dassault Systemes, the world leader in CAD and PLM software as an additional shareholder. Dassault Systemes and AVS are committed to integrating SCANeR into the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform to enable our customers to collaborate, simulate and validate throughout the development life cycle.




The world leader in CAD and PLM has more than 600 offices worldwide and 60 research centers


 With 700 simulators worldwide Oktal Sydac is a global leader in training simulation with a 30 year experience in train, truck and defense simulation


Renault is a global OEM part of the alliance that brings together Nissan and Mitsubishi


UTAC is a market-leading group in vehicle testing, type approval and emerging technologies for autonomous, connected and electric vehicles. 





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