Free Downloads

Find here all the trial version we offer you to test freely our platform and the different possibilities.

SCANeR Trial Version 2023.1

SCANeR provides all the tools and models that are necessary to build an ultra-realistic virtual World: road environment, vehicle dynamics, traffic, sensors, real or virtual drivers, headlights, weather conditions and scenario scripting. If you are already a SCANeR user note that it is possible to install multiple versions of SCANeR on the same machine. So you can install the latest version of SCANeR alongside previous versions.

To discover SCANeR the best way (advices, best practices, tips & techniques, etc.) visit the Quick Starts page :

Below is a video explaining how to get started with the SCANeR simulation software.

UTAC Trial Version

This pack was conceived by the same engineers who worked on the tracks, so you can trust the scenarios, use real data and trajectories. In order to have the best correlation, proving ground and driving robots were also digitalized and modelized.

Physical Sensors Trial Version

Physics Based Sensors Level 2, called “Realtime Physics”, utilizes the physical principles described here by optimizing them to favor the performance of calculations. It also includes generic processing algorithms for delivering outputs at an intermediate level. Two sensors are modeled at this level: the Radar sensor and the Lidar sensor.