Headlights Pack

Discover all the features of our Headlights pack.

The Headlights Pack is intended for OEMs and manufacturers working in the field of lighting, especially in the development of car projectors. Lighting simulation is intended to assist engineers in the evaluation, comparison, and development of different projectors.

From early design to the validation phase, the Headlights Pack can be used to run real-time lighting tests with precision. Reduce the time to market and lower costs by decreasing the number of physical prototypes and tests.

Lighting simulation enables:

  • Smart projectors development (Adaptive driving beam, Glare free high-beam, Pixel lightings, etc.).
  • Lighting standards validation.
  • Validation of projector homogeneity and performance.


All of these can be achieved safely within a shorter time frame thanks to the SCANeR Headlights Pack.


Night driving and weather conditions

SCANeR’s user-friendly GUI enables lighting simulation to be carried any time of the day with any specific weather conditions. Various and even dangerous situations can be tested by engineers without endangering the drivers or the pedestrians.

Studies on glare and discomfort

Glare and discomfort studies can be safely conducted. These studies focus on the technology and design of every component of a projector.

  • Get ready: prepare the simulation

To prepare a lighting simulation, SCANeR Headlights provides the tool for the engineer to design a complete headlight configuration (Optical functions, projectors, photometry, etc.) on a laptop. Quick tests can also be launched to verify that everything is well configured before shifting to the bigger simulator.

In order to have the best quality simulation, SCANeR includes tools to calibrate the rendering engine accurately using white luminance temperature, different tone mapping methods and other parameters. To enhance immersion, the cockpit can also be displayed.

  • Get started: run the simulation

Once the headlight configuration and experimentation are ready, engineers can run the simulation as if they were driving in the middle of the night. The Headlights Pack provides a set of tools in order to help the engineer with the analysis: Isolux curves, aiming walls, illuminance sensors, etc.

  • Let’s validate: analyze the results

All data in SCANeR such as sensors’ output, vehicles’ speed or custom metrics can be recorded and extracted in standard format to be used with SCANeR analyzing tools or with our customer’s own analyzing tools.

Projector’s performance validation

The Headlights Pack enables engineers to evaluate the quality and performance of a projector with any number of light sources. Front projectors, fog lights, rear lights, etc. can all be evaluated using SCANeR Headlights Pack.





Headlight configuration manager – Create and modify headlights sub-systems.


AFS Manager


Interface to manage smart lighting systems (Adaptive driving beam, Glare free high-beam, Pixel lightings, etc.).




Specific rendering mode to benefits of SCANeR optical computation chain for realistic and accurate lighting simulation taking into account materials (e.g. BRDF) and photometry.