Headlights Pack

Discover all the features of our new Headlights pack

The Headlights Pack is intended for OEMs and manufacturers working in the field of lighting, especially in the development of car projectors. The lighting simulation is intended to assist the user in the evaluation, comparison, and development of the different projectors.

The Headlights Pack enhanced SCANeR simulation platform, enables lighting testing combined with precision and representativeness in order to eliminate risks and concepts that are not doable in the early stages of creation. Save a lot of time and keeps your budget safe, these simulation tests reduce the number of physical tests.

The lighting simulation enables:

  • The homogeneity check (no irregularities) and the performance of the projectors
  • lighting check standards: assessing a driver’s glare, etc.
  • Intelligent Developpment projector systems.

The Headlights Pack enables you to perform a real-time lighting simulation, thanks to a set of modules: NightTestManager, AFSManager, Visual Lighting…

Physics is important, but not for all stages of development.


At AVSimulation we have a specific goal: to avoid unnecessary physical tests.



Night driving conditions and weather conditions for safety and comfort on the road

Test night lighting during the day ? Possible and with SCANeR, a simple change of scenario is enough for it to be dark … all day long.

Studies on glare and discomfort

The Headlights Pack allows you to safely conduct studies, to measure the glare and discomfort of the projectors in front of road users. These studies also focus on the development of projector components and systems, namely: technology, design, and cost optimization.

  • Ahead of the simulation

Creating and preparing the simulation of the night test: it is possible to launch the set up application outside the SCANeR environment. A simple desktop computer can create the projectors configuration.

  • During the simulation

We’re running the simulation. Classic, but extended with many features: analysis tools, multiple lights, lighting sensors, ISOLUX curves, setting walls, grids of measurements to have landmarks.

Testing the lighting quality of projectors

Taillights, front projectors… The Headlights Pack’s technologies enables you to judge the homogeneity of a projector without limiting the number of sources you want to use.

Setting up projectors

The configuration is structured around a ranking of features: a set of vehicles, containing optical functions (road lights, crossing lights, etc.) and light sources. The pattern of each source is described by a photometry. NightTestManager unables you to load and organize all features.

Cockpit validation

In order to assess visibility from the driving position It is possible to integrate a virtual cockpit into the simulation. It is also possible to develop intelligent projector systems through Simulink models.

Calibration of rendering

The lighting rendering can also be calibrated according to your display system (color space, white temperature, etc.).




The headlight simulation modules of SCANeR studio are used for headlight system development and realistic night drive experiments.



Lighting test configuration module (creation and positioning of light sources, measurement tools, rendering setting). The NightTestManager is fully configurable. Want to add more than two optical blocks? It’s possible.


AFS Manager

Module to link a lighting test to a model of intelligent projectors (AFS, Matrix beam)



Piloted by the NightTestManager, the Visual is a simulation rendering module. It is specially adapted for projectors. The SCANeR platform is specially set up for lighting tests.


Mapping operators

In addition to the default linear tone-mapping operator, other operators are now proposed to the user:

  • Logarithmic,
  • Munsell,
  • Custom operator, enabling the user to define itself the operator formula.
Linear Logarithmic Munsell