SCANeR studio

SCANeR is the most comprehensive simulation platform addressing prototyping, validation and training of ADAS, Autonomous Vehicles as well as Human Machine Interaction.

The main interface of SCANeR studio allows users to set up, prepare and run the simulation or analyse the results.

SCANeR studio is organized around the following simulation workflow:

  • TERRAIN mode: road and terrain preparation and modelling,
  • VEHICLE mode: vehicle models’ preparation and modelling,
  • SCENARIO mode: tune initial conditions and script events,
  • SIMULATION mode: execute and monitor the simulation,
  • ANALYSIS mode: replay/analyse recorded data.

Each step of this workflow has its own focused user interface mode.

Interested about trying ? Don’t hesite to check our free to download trial version !

For more information about SCANeR find our SCANeR 2021.2 release note here. 

Key features

Main features
  • Full graphical environment
  • Drag and Drop interactions
  • Available in English and French
  • Customizable layout
Terrain mode
  • Create RoadXML© environments
  • Edit logical network, driving surface and surrounding environment
  • Import external file formats to automate RoadXML© environments creation
  • Road signs and objects
  • Road surface description
  • 3D generation.
  • Import and export Opendrive
Vehicle mode
  • Edit and test logical information, visual model and vehicle category
  • Edit and test vehicle dynamics model’s description and characteristics (transmission, engine, tires, chassis, sound…). The CALLAS edition requires an additional license
  • Standard ISO vehicle dynamics tests
Scenario mode
  • Define scenario parameters
  • Position and set-up vehicles/drivers
  • Build events with MICE, user friendly language
  • Use Python programming language for more advanced scripting
Simulation mode
  • Selection of the driving scenarios, monitoring of the simulation
  • Start and monitoring of the simulation sessions
  • Dynamically interact with simulation
  • Record and replay simulations
Analysis mode
  • Explore recorded data synchronously with 3D views and videos
  • Export data to MS Excel or standard CSV files