Real Time Targets Pack

Discover all the features of our Real Time Targets pack

The Real Time Targets Pack is the essential tool for the validation of  vehicle components (ECU, sensor, camera…).

What for ? To be able, with the use of our Pack to interface your component with SCANeR and benefit from the input of realistic sensors and environments. Then under representitive conditons, the component can be validates.

The Real Time Targets Pack enables the integration on a HIL platform (dSpace, National-Instruments …) of a vehicle component as well as vehicle dynamics (CALLAS) and a network (CAN) of virtual vehicle interfacing with the SCANeR software suite.

Together they bring an accurate, rich and representative environment to the simulation.

Need of a complexed road network ? Urban network ? Or extra urban ? At AVSimulation we got you covered. Cars with scripted or random behaviors, can stimulate virtual sensors: Radar, Lidar etc.The accuracy of the virtual environment set up by SCANeR for the HIL test enables the complete validitation of it component, achieved in order to reduce field testing phases and shorten development time.

The HIL compels a strict cadency on the equipment, operation and tested models. To meet the needs, the SCANeR models on the HIL platform, and specially CALLAS RT, are real hard time. Hard real time is a must. if a hardware component (ECU) doesn’t take it into account a dysfonctionnement or failure may occure. To ensure perfect accuracy on the timing, a simulation on conventional computer won’t be sufficiante, as it requires an HIL platform.

The goal of the Real Time Targets Pack is to ensure perfect accuracy, for this several components are needed: RT Gateway, RT Callas. To sum up, everything that is needed to connect to a real-time target.

SCANeR’s best asset is providing a virtual, rich and representative environment. with cars equipeted of ADAS and sensors (Radar, Lidar etc.) and complexity of urban or extra urban road networks. Added to that the Pack also includes random or scripted behaviors; everything one might need to conduct a simulation for the validation of equipment will be found in our Real Time Targets Pack.


Static VIL

Vehicle on a rolling bench. Test are conducted on vehicles that doens’t move. It enables Allows you to test the entire vehicle in a virtual environment and accurately assess the performance and consumption of the vehicle.

Dynamic VIL

A real vehicle driven by a test driver on a test track. The test is increased with a complementary virtual environment (e.g. virtual surrounding vehicles) as well as virtual sensors. This allows testing an ADAS under very realistic conditions.

HIL: Testing and validating the detection of radars

By using an HIL bench we exuderadar targets. For example; With the car’s radar sensors, a crossover can be simulated with a vehicle on the left or on the right. The signals are then integrated into the simulation. The visual shows the position of the vehicle moving to the left or right. And take this into account when making a decision: brake, stop, let a vehicle pass.

Test SIL components (software in the loop)

The line between the PURE simulation and the HIL. The SiL depending on the configuration, is possible in real time or not. If the user wants to cosimulate or test the car’s software it is possible, by using a computer. The advantage of real time is to spot a failure in the systeme and be able to fix it immediately. Saving time and money.



ComUDP RT Interface


For HIL application using dSPACE system, a ComUDP RT interface has been developed to be able to easily connect to ModelHandler module. This connection enables the RT target to access vehicle inputs and outputs and allows the connection to any vehicle models such as CallasRT, which would be running on the RT target.


Callas Real Time


The CALLAS vehicle dynamics model can be easily deployed and executed on dSPACE real-time targets. It has been successfully tested and validated on dSPACE ControlDesk real-time environment.


Gateway Real Time


Link between the real-time target and SCANeR.


dSpace Real-Time platforms


SCANeR now supports dSpace Real-Time platforms for HIL applications. All the new modules and connections have been successfully validated on a dSPACE Realtime platform: a Callas RT vehicle dynamics model deployed and running on a dSPACE Scalexio RT Target. Special attention was paid to documentation to guide the user in using and setting up the dSPACE environment.


Note: the Callas API is not yet supported on dSpace.