Massive Simulation Pack

Discover all the features of our massive simulation pack

Our Massive Simulation Pack is designed specifically for teams in charge of validating large-scales of ADAS systems. We at AVSimulation know how expensive a real prototype can be, and we want to help you create your project and make the changes you want quickly while validating with virtual tests, all at a reasonable cost.

Our pack contains a set of features allowing the user to develop and implement a Massive Simulation process.

Replace on-road test campaigns with virtual test campaigns. As ADAS systems become more and more complex and the arrival of autonomous cars becomes imminent, vehicle validations are now requiring hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

Although it is possible through on-the-road validation, the complexity of constantly evolving tests comes with a high cost and degree of difficulty to set up.


How is it possible to recreate two identical situations? How can we make sure that, during a test in the city, that all the desired situations set up to test your equipment are met? Well, at AVSimulation, we have the answer; the Massive Simulation Pack. The pack enables control of all the parameters. Launch a thousand- or even a million scenarios at the same time by varying the parameters; stage an accident, a pedestrian crossing the road during a rainy day, and more. With the help of the Massive Simulation Pack, we offer the use a solution that increases the speed of the development process, saving you time and money.

The Massive Simulation Pack includes SCANeR explore and SCANeR compute, both compatible with all public clouds, private cloud, and on-premises structures.


Simulate where you want, when you want.


SCANeR studio virtual platform enables driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving functions to be endlessly tested and validated.

Accessible anywhere, and when you want, you no longer need to depend on your premises. Driving simulation allows you to be productive no matter what your situation is. You gain time and efficiency in testing and validating your systems.

Test millions of combinations

With massive simulation, you can test continuously throughout the development of your vehicle, equipment or system.

Especially for the development of a vehicle or autonomous system, you can achieve millions of virtual kilometers to study and validate its reactions according to an infinite number of scenarios, all in a few days, through the realization of massive tests and parallels to effectively validate the safety of your equipment.

Carry out your complex scenarios and critical events representative of real driving situations.

Gain time and money

Using virtual tests to supplement track or road testing provides safer testing conditions while reducing costs and time. Massive Simulation improves the validation process and the test coverage rate.

Following the execution of your scenarios, an analysis report with metrics and performance is available and allows you to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in order to correct the parameters.

A real prototype is very expensive, and thanks to driving simulation, you can create your project and make the changes you want quickly and at no additional cost until it is validated by virtual tests.


SCANeR explore


SCANeR explore includes innovative features to create and execute test plans based on scenario generation and multi-parameter exploration for massive simulation. It can generate millions of relevant scenarios in minutes.

SCANeR explore is available since version 1.8 of SCANeR. It is a test plan manager, you organize your prepared scenarios into hierarchical test plans and for each scenario you are able to define a specific range for each parameter. For example, if you want to simulate a highway insertion, SCANeR explore is able to produce all defined parameters and then generate all scenarios based on these parameters.

SCANeR explore then allows you to run the driving simulation of the test plan, either locally or on a dedicated cloud-based infrastructure.

Once the test plan is executed, SCANeR explore will generate a report that will be used to analyze if the system evaluated in my test plan has met or not my success criteria. An API is also provided to extract the results of my test plan, in JSON format, in order to use it in data analysis processes.

We have worked on the graphical interfaces of SCANeR explore to improve the ease of use, including adding options to create an Explore test plan directly from my current scenario in SCANeR Studio.

SCANeR explore has an Explore API, which is continuously enriched. In addition to the test plan creation and scenario generation features already available, you can now define your own execution plugin, and also use the API to extract the results of your test plan execution.


SCANeR compute


SCANeR compute is one of the tools at the heart of how massive simulation works with SCANeR. It is a specific version of SCANeR studio dedicated to massive simulation. It allows you to run SCANeR simulations without using a graphical interface. SCANeR compute can be used on a local machine, but also in a HPC-Cloud environment.

One of the main features of SCANeR compute is the ability to run multiple instances in parallel on the same machine. For example, 8 instances of SCANeR compute can be used to simulate an entire repertoire of scenarios in parallel, each scenario being automatically distributed to the SCANeR compute instances used.

SCANeR compute runs on all standard Windows and Linux operating systems.

SCANeR compute can also be easily used in a Docker container, in order to have a reusable and independent image of the tested system.


SCANeR BatchTool


SCANeRBatchTool is a command line tool allowing to perform simple operations related to SCANeR: import or export configurations, data, create a configuration, etc.

For more information on the different functions available and their use, open a shell in the SCANeR bin directory and type: SCANeRBatchTool.exe -help

New in 2021.2: SCANeR BatchTool brings a new command to update an existing scenario to the latest version of our driving simulation software, SCANeR
Info: The update is done automatically if you open and save a scenario in SCANeR studio. This command is only useful if you need to convert a large number of scenarios, or if you do not use the SCANeR studio graphical interface.

At your request, our teams are ready to assist you in the deployment of this solution.