Massive Simulation Pack

Discover all the features of our new massive simulation pack


Our Massive Simulation Pack is designed specifically for teams in charge of validating large-scales of ADAS systems. We, at AVSimulation, know how expensive a real prototype can be, and we want to help you create your project and make the changes you want quickly and at a no prohibited cost and that until it is validated by virtual tests.

Our pack contains a set of features allowing its user to develop and implement a Massive Simulation process.


The goal : Replace on-road test campaigns  with virtual test campaigns. As ADAS systems become more and more complex and the arrival of autonomous car imminent, vehicle validations are now requiring hundreds of thousands and thousands of kilometers. Although on the road validation is possible, the complexity of the tests always evolving comes with a cost and difficulty to set up.

How is it possible to recreate two identical situations ? How to make sure, that during a test in the city that all the desired situations set up to test your equipment are met ? Well, at AVSimulation, we have the answer; the Massive Simulation Pack. The pack enable’s control of all the parameters. Launch a thousand, a million scenarios at the same time by varying the parameters; stage an accident, a pedestrian crossing the road during a rainy day, and more. With the help of the Massive Simulation Pack, we offer the use a solution that increases the speed of the development process: saving you time and money.

The Massive Simulation Pack includes SCANeR explore and SCANeR compute, both compatible with all public clouds, private cloud, and on-premises structures.

At your request, our teams are ready to assist you on the deployment of this solution.


Simulate where you want, when you want.

SCANeR studio virtual platform enables driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving functions to be endlessly tested and validated.

Accessible anywhere, and when you want, you no longer depend on your premises. Simulation allows you to be productive no matter what your situation is. You gain time and efficiency in testing and validating your systems.

Test millions of combinations

With massive simulation, you can test continuously throughout the development of your vehicle, equipment or system.

Especially for the development of a vehicle or an autonomous system, you can achieve millions of virtual kilometers to study and validate its reactions according to an infinite number of scenarios, and this in a few days, through the realization of massive tests and parallels effectively to validate the safety of your equipment.

Carry out your complex scenarios and critical events representative of real driving situations.

Gain time and money

Using virtual tests to supplement track or road testing provides safer testing conditions while reducing costs and time. Massive Simulation improves the validation process and the test coverage rate.

Following the execution of the scenarios, an analysis report with metrics and performance is available and allows to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in order to correct the parameters.

A real prototype is very expensive, thanks to simulation, you can create your project and make the changes you want quickly and at no additional cost until it is validated by virtual tests.



SCANeR explore Includes innovative features enabling the creation plan testing, all of that based on a new generation of scenarios and multiple spaces of exploration whorare based based on mass simulation parameters.
SCANeR compute Is a « sustained » version of SCANeR, easely deployed and used in a « batch mode » dedicated to massive simulation.»