Special Vehicles Pack

Discover all the features of our Special Vehicles Pack

The Special Vehicles Pack is a complement to the Vehicle Dynamics Pack, in which we group vehicles with additional functionalities, and where some additional tools find their place.

In this first version, in addition to editing the parameters of soft ground, the Pack allows you to edit the parameters of vehicles with turrets and vehicles with tracks.

If you want us to add other types of vehicles, please let us know using this form. Whether it’s robots used for last mile deliveries, or off-road vehicles, CALLAS, the SCANeR dynamic model, is best suited to model them all.

Vehicles with turrets

Create, edit and modify turret and gun parameters via a user-friendly graphical interface.

With a single graphical interface, the user can easily configure:

  • The elements and geometry of the turret
  • Positioning and geometry of the cannon(s)
  • Ammunition characteristics

The Pack also provides an example of a ready-to-use vehicle with turrets.

Tracked vehicles

Create, edit and modify the vehicle’s chain parameters through a unique graphic interface.

Among other things, the user can easily configure:

  • The number of rollers
  • The number of rollers on the ground
  • Static loads
  • Tension levels
  • Rolling resistance (per link, per roller, etc.)

The Pack also provides an example of a ready-to-use chain vehicle that can be used in any scenario.

The pack also allows you to model half-track vehicles that use wheels and tracks.

Terramechanics functionality

This Pack allows you to take into account the dynamics of soft soils and to model the tire-ground interaction. It recognizes:

  • The type of soil, its characteristics,
  • The tire deformation

  • The soil deformation upon impact, depending on the position of the wheels. The model also takes into account what happens at each wheel (front, rear…)
  •  The tire-ground contact surface and the interactions in the ruts.

In the driving simulation, this function finely calculates the resistive forces, in particular due to the height of any excess soil (or other material) forming just in front of the tire, the depth of the ruts, and updates the grip at each time step according to the area of the surface in contact.

The pack also provides a set of ready-to-use, pre-configured soft soil.