Vehicle Dynamics Pack

Discover all the features of our Vehicle Dynamics pack

The Vehicle Dynamics Pack enables the creation and tuning of a validated vehicle dynamics model, including the powertrain, suspension, aerodynamics and tires, taking into account the data you have available. It is particularly interesting for engineers who want to study the behavior of a vehicle, specific equipment, or a subsystem and those who seek to have a virtual model corresponding to reality (in particular by entering their own data into SCANeR), or by those who could benefit from the use of a tool to carry out a study of an update of their vehicle, equipment or system.


CALLAS is part of the Pack, the parametric approach enables the creation of a model with a high level of correlation with test track data. The complexity of the model is adapted based on the amount of data provided by the user.

Our Pack is cost effective and time saving: indeed, it is no longer necessary to develop a large number of real prototypes, instead, simulation makes it possible to create them virtually, test them and then modify them until the desired results are achieved through realistic environments and scenarios. This type of development creates a gain in efficiency and performance.

SCANeR also offers referenced vehicle models by default. If necessary, you can make specific modifications, for example: size, weight, or number of gearbox ratios to match the vehicle you want to simulate. AVSimulation and our teams of experienced engineers have developed unique expertise in the modeling of vehicles through our driving simulation software, SCANeR.

We also offer training to help you and your teams use this Pack in complete autonomy. Our teams can guide and help you in the modeling of vehicles, equipment or systems.



Modeling and Validation of vehicles, equipment, and systems

This Pack allows you to model your virtual system as close as possible to reality in order to test, modify and validate before real life testing. By performing tests in realistic environments and scenarios, the driving simulation helps ensure that vehicle behavior meets expectations.



This function of the Pack enables the calculation of the performance of each component individually even before the creation of the vehicle and thus allows the user to create the model that matches all requirements. Our Pack supports the manufacturer from the beginning to the end of the cycle, and can help test solutions that do not yet exist and help guide the user with the improvement of their tests. CALLAS makes it easier to configure the vehicle, equipment or systems.

CALLAS is a model with a minimum of 17 degrees of freedom, computing thousands of variables that can be plotted for analysis, at a minimum of 6000 times per second on commodity PC hardware or a real time system.



CALLAS Vehicle Dynamics The CALLAS model is designed to provide a wide range of applications: trucks, buses, cars, motorsport vehicles, machines, tractors and military vehicles (such as tracked vehicles), etc.
CALLAS Model Edition CALLAS is a mix of functional and multi-body modelling. The objective of the functional modelling concept is to provide a flexible way to setup any technological solution; a necessity during the preliminary project.
Parametric Exploration The goal of parametric exploration is to study the influence of variations of one or several parameters in a system on the behavior of all the system for the same situation.