Content Creation

Discover all SCANeR 3D environments, ready to use

​AVSimulation assists customers in the creation of content, such as scenarios, 3D environments, vehicles for traffic or other usages, signal datasets, animated pedestrians or objects, etc. According to your specifications, we’ll propose a complete project with milestones and specific deliveries, completely integrated and tested in SCANeR studio.

At AVSimulation, our teams of experts have created realistic 3D environments to help you perform your simulations in the best conditions. Feel free to look at the already created environments that may fit your needs below.

Want to go further? Our development team encourages you to improve your SCANeR studio experience through specific feature developments.

In need of a specific environment? Our engineers will create the environment for your simulations.

Environments of our SCANeR driving simulation software

Don’t hesitate to click on the environments that best suits your needs for more information.