NCAP & Regulations Pack

Discover all the features of our new NCAP & Regulations Pack

The NCAP & Regulation Pack is specially designed to help manufacturers pass their vehicle validation tests by performing them via simulation before realizing them on real tracks. It was realized by engineers from UTAC CERAM, the only official Euro NCAP test center in France, so the real trajectories and real data allows the scenarios to be carried out. This scenarios Pack contains everything the user needs to simulate standardized tests identical to those carried out on a track: the test grounds, test vehicles and driving robots have been digitized and modeled in SCANeR.

Correlation tests have proven that simulations are very precise: thanks to SCANeR your simulation is accurate to the nearest few millimeters. The UTAC CERAM Euro NCAP pack contains 398 scenarios from AEB and LSS test protocols. Preview scenarios are also included in the package to be prepared for future protocols.

A scoring application: UTAC Score, is provided for the purpose of evaluating the performance of executed scenarios based on several criteria. It allows you at a glance to be able to analyze the results of your simulation, then correct them if necessary. It evaluates the performance of the digital ADAS system according to the official Euro NCAP format. Completing the digital tool chain.


Throughout the systems development cycle

Using this Pack on the SCANeR platform makes it possible to test very early in the design of a vehicle. It allows the automotive engineer to design his system using our test scenarios and make decisions very quickly on his vehicle.

The best conditions for passing the NCAP tests

The user can check these different choices using the NCAP & Regulations Pack and test them in simulation to analyze the results of their simulations. If the user wants to test it systems, its sensors or the entire vehicle, the Pack offers the digital tracks to conduct tests as close to reality as possible.

Continuous testing

The designed algorithms on the control laws can be analyzed during different tests and improve according to the desired results. Identify problems and correct them before the full integration of functions in the vehicle. The NCAP and Regulations Pack combines cost and time savings, as it enables you to test your vehicle virtually before track tests.


UTAC CERAM Scenarios on SCANeR Studio

The development of ADAS systems is a major challenge for car manufacturers to increase vehicle safety. In order to meet automotive industry needs, UTAC CERAM, a French Euro NCAP accredited laboratory, has developed scenarios by implementing his high ADAS test expertise into simulation.

EURO NCAP Scenario

Thanks to its expertise and its large database of tests carried out over many years on its tracks and installations, UTAC CERAM was able to help develop and validate the reality and the accuracy of the scenarios proposed by AVSimulation. The Euro NCAP automatic emergency braking (AEB) protocol and the LSS (Lane Support System) protocol are already available (397 scenarios) and further scenarios will be released during 2020.