Parametric Exploration

Optional Features

The Parametric Exploration package gives access to the parametric exploration tool.

The goal of the parametric exploration is to study the influence of variations of one or several parameters in a system on the behavior of all the system for the same situation.

It assesses the impact of parameter variations on the behavior of an entire system and it helps the user to obtain data necessary in making the right choices.

Two methods are available:

  • Modulation of a CALLAS vehicle parameter while observing its impact on vehicle behavior during a simulation (for example aerodynamic notch variations on the same circuit lap).
  • Modulation of a scenario parameter while observing its impact on the same vehicle (for example: speed variations when taking a corner).
Key features
Main features
  • Easily create and configure a “parametric exploration”
  • Automatically manage all “parametric exploration” runs using simple data entered by the user
  • Launch runs in a sequence or individually
  • Plot a selected graph after each run and make it immediately available to the user
  • Extract from each run the previously chosen criteria in order to plot the “parametric exploration” summary
  • Store each computation results file to enable further analysis
  • Store the runs to be able to work later on it
  • Vehicle’s exploration is only compatible with CALLAS vehicle dynamics models
Included simulation modules
  • Access to the Parametric Exploration tool