Optional Features

The 3D Fusion for TechViz feature gives the possibility to display CATIA model (and many other Software) in the VISUAL module during the simulation without any data conversion. SCANeR and CATIA runs in parallel and any change in CATIA is automatically replicated in SCANeR.

Example of use case with 3D fusion module for TechViz:

  • Study Ergonomics,
  • Check visibility and safety requirements,
  • Carry out studios on control systems of the vehicle dynamics,
  • Review your vehicle design,
  • HMI prototyping.
Key features
Main features
  • Merging third-party 3D application in SCANeR VISUAL in real time
  • Use TechViz technology
  • No 3D data conversion
Included simulation modules
  • 3DFusion VISUAL plugin
  • TechViz License required