Optional Features

The Motorsports (lap time simulation) package is available only for CALLAS dynamics models, it provides engineering simulation tools to optimize a race vehicle’s setup:

  • Lap Pre-computation: A fast steady-state simulation that estimates the lap time of a given vehicle on a given race track by computing its performance envelope and applying it.
  • Dynamic Lap Computation: A fully dynamic simulation that computes the lap time of a given vehicle on a given race track. The driving is optimized by re-computing sections of the lap where the vehicle crashes or exits the track.
  • Data acquisition can be imported to validate the CALLAS model with the actual race car.

The influence of vehicle settings and parameters on the lap time can be evaluated.

Key features 
Main features
  • Tools for the optimization of a race vehicle
  • Best lap time computation 
  • Detail on brake and acceleration points
  • Importation of the data of the real race car 
  • CALLAS Edition needed