Part of the Foundation Pack

The Sound feature of The Foundation pack allows having one computer generating sounds.
The Sound feature creates a virtual 3D audio environment for the simulation in real-time. It is based on real sound samples and is generated with its own 3D location. Sound feature can handle multiple channels with 3D spatialization.

For example, it generates realistic sounds for the vehicle engine, for the traffic vehicle or from the rolling ground surface.
It may also be used for a vibration system on seat or pedals, in this case only some audio sources (engine, road surface) are enabled.

Key features
Sounds for driven vehicle 
  • Engine (modulated with engine speed and load)
  • Tires (including lateral and longitudinal screeches)
  • Aerodynamic (modulated with vehicle speed)
  • Road surface dependent
  • Attached sound (horn, ignition, indicator, backup beep, body hit, sirens)
Sounds for other vehicles
  • Engine sound (returned in 3D with Doppler effect)
  • Any attached sound (horn, sirens, etc.).
Other sounds 
  • 2D/3D sound attached to a specific vehicle
  • A 2D/3D sound attached to a specific point in the 3D environment
  • Predefined samples triggered by the script or any API module
Included simulation modules
  • Sound
Hardware requirements 
  • Sound card designed to render 3D sound (3D sound card DirectSound compatible)
  • Recommended minimum configuration: SoundBlaster Live 5.1, otherwise SoundBlaster Audigy 2.
Token Management
  • SCANeR studio Essential package includes 1 Sound module.
  • 1 instance of this software package is needed for each additional computer running a Sound module.