Simulators Pack

Discover all the features of our Simulators Pack

The Simulators Pack offers a complete solution to optimize the use of your simulators.

Whether it’s a compact simulators or a simulators carrying an entire vehicles, this Pack will keep it working. To get the most out of your simulators and bring an unchallenged level of realism, SCANeR puts several decades of knowledge into play to enable hyper-responsive and immersive driving.

SCANeR being an open software, the Pack is obviously compatible with simulators within the AVSimulation range, but not only it has already been used in many other simulators around the world.

The simulators provide safety for drivers and passengers, allows total control over the conduct of studies and efficiency in experimentation. The quality of the results of these studies rely on the level of accuracy of the driving experimentation.
The quality of information, reproduction and stimuli for drivers and passengers are the key to Driver-In-the-Loop simulations. When the simulator has to respond to the finger and the eye movements, you have to be able to count on the best simulation software out there to immerse users in total immersion. By relying on the Simulators Pack you can focus on the driver’s behaviour.
SCANeR’s unique fidelity of control motion platforms, complex visual systems or driving cockpit components is the best assurance of the validity of your studies results.



Human Factors

SCANeR users around the world get the most out of it for studies on driving strategies or interactions with traffic vehicles. The Simulators Pack is used for the evaluation of the driver’s performance in hypovigilance situations or clinical tests on the effect of narcotics.


SCANeR supports engineers and researchers in the revolution of modes of transport use. The best way to understand driver behaviour in autonomous vehicles is through a simulation that meets these challenges. The Simulators Pack provides the necessary functions to interface the advanced models of vehicles, sensors and cockpit support systems around the driver in real time.

HMI (Human-Machine Interface)

The realism of the simulation also comes first when it comes to assessing the safety impact of new interfaces and systems in the vehicle. Thanks to the Simulators Pack, car manufacturers and their suppliers design and validate the interiors of tomorrow. The quality of the interaction between the driver and these new Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) is evaluated from the initial concept until the validation of prototypes. When it comes to the safety and comfort of future system users, innovative vehicle designers are looking for a software solution to shorten development cycles.

Assessment of infrastructure projects

Our driving simulators are also used for the assessment of infrastructure projects, from Europe to Asia: when the driver is immersed in a full scale and accurate environment, it is possible to drive on new roads before they actually exist. This kind of simulation brings essential user feedback for major projects, and only simulation can provide it at this step, with an interactive driving and a full control on the traffic load and behaviour. With the Simulators Pack, you can ensure that the visual environment is accurate enough for evaluations by the future road users. The Simulators Pack gives access to new types of studies on the traffic safety, on the perceived comfort of drivers and on traffic management as a whole.



Advanced FFB Interface It allows interfacing and control of professional haptic steering wheel and pedals force feedback hardware.
Additional Sound The Sound feature creates a virtual 3D audio environment for the simulation in real-time. It is based on real sound samples and is generated with its own 3D location. Sound module can handle multiple channels with 3D spatialization.
Motion The Motion package enables the control of a motion platform in a driving simulator. The Motion feature allows SCANeR studio to control the motion platform movements. It enables to re-compute dynamic equations in another point that the dynamic model gives.
Warping & Blending Plugins to interface external blending and warping systems with the VISUAL module. Supports Amateras, DomeProjection, Scalable Display and Vioso