Force Feedback (FFB) Interface

Optional features

The SCANeR studio Force feedback package is an option of the DRIVER feature. It allows to interface and to control professional haptic steering wheel and pedals force feedback hardware.

From SCANeR studio GUI the user can easily parametrize the steering wheel and pedals controllers (stiffness, damping, maximal torque, friction, etc.).

​​With this package it is possible to acquire the torque sensor data from the steering wheel to accurately measure the torque applied by the pilot.

The torque value sent to the hardware can come from the vehicle dynamic model or can be re-computed from a tabulated model.

Active pedals and active shifter support:

  • Active pedals: Gas, brake and clutch pedals with dynamic force feedback to simulate non-linear response, ABS vibration feedback, brake fade, advanced ACC interaction
  • Active shifter: configure simulator cabin for automatic or manual gear selection without mechanical intervention + adapt gear layout based on the vehicle or test parameters.

Additional vibration depending on road types can be parametrized.

Key features 
Main features
  • Measure steering wheel position and driver torque
  • Send vehicle dynamics model torque to the steering wheel
  • Send road surface vibrations to the steering wheel
  • Allow the user to take control over the torque feedback using the API
Included simulation modules 
  • Option of the DRIVER feature
  • CAN card
Supported hardware
  • Gaming device
  • External device through UDP
  • Sensodrive
  • TRW
  • AVSimulation/OKTAL SW controller
Vibration effects
  • Scale and signal shape
  • Ground type scale (Cobblestone, Asphalt, Grass, Concrete)
Token Manangement

The support for DirectX steering wheels is already included in The Foundation Pack

1 license is required for each PC.