SCANeR explore

SCANeR explore includes innovative features to create tests plans,
based on new generations of scenarios and multiple space exploration parameters for massive simulation.

SCANeR explore includes innovative functions to create test plans based on scenario generation and multi parameter exploration for massive simulation. It can generate millions of relevant scenarios in minutes.

It is a test plan manager, you organize your prepared scenarios into hierarchical test plans and for each scenario you are able to define a specific range to each parameter. For example, if you want to simulate an highway insertion, SCANeR explore is able to produce all the parameters set and optionally generate all the scenarios for this Parameter set.

In addition to that, SCANeR explore has an execution plug-in that will generate a report who will find out if anything went wrong or not.

SCANeR explore can be used on the command line as well as through the graphical interface. It comes with its own API allowing not only to manage the test plan and generate scenarios but also to manage the execution and the extraction of results. This allows for example to automate part of the execution of SCANeR scenarios.

For example, from the test plan parameters you can generate your scenario and plug-in, then you compute everything with SCANeR compute, which will produce SCANeR record.  Extracting the record with Extract Result API and then you have a JSON file. The JSON file is then sent back to SCANeR explore in order to generate a report.

SCANeR explore main features are:


  • Test plan editor:
    • Support all scenario parameters
    • Parameters constraints
    • Different method for value distribution: Factorial, Statistical, custom distribution laws
    • Customizable with Python scripting
    • Scenarios generator
    • SCANeR simulation launcher
    • All functions are also accessible through an API available in C++ and Python.