SCANeR compute

Solver version of SCANeR studio Compute allows you to run SCANeR scenarios without using any user graphical interfaces

SCANeR compute is one of the most important tools, it’s a solver version of SCANeR studio and allows you to run SCANeR scenarios without using any user graphical interfaces. In addition, it is easy to deploy.

One of the main parts of SCANeR compute is the multiple instances that can run in parallel. Unlike previously, It’s now easy to do. For example, I can run eight instances of SCANeR studio using the explore configuration and the instance of SCANeR compute will find their scenario in their directory and launch them.

Easily deployable, SCANeR compute will run on all classic operating systems and on local machines like Windows and Linux.

Because its a command line tool and the reliability is very high, SCANeR compute is compatible with Cloud and Docker and with all the standard job scheduling tools.


SCANeR compute main features are:

  • No GUI/Edition
  • Multiple instances on the same node
  • Windows (Pro/Server)
  • Linux (Ubuntu LTS/CentOS 7)
  • Docker support
  • Linux headless support: run without X server, with GPU support for sensors, camera and visual (via EGL)
  • Specific license model
  • On-Prem or Cloud (Microsoft Azure ready)

For more information about SCANeR found our SCANeR 2022.1 release note here. 

Learn more about SCANeR compute by clicking on the videos below.