Racing Traffic

Optional Features

The Racing Traffic gives access to the RACETRAFFIC feature which simulates multiple vehicles on racing tracks.

Vehicles driven by RACETRAFFIC have the ability to follow trajectories and a speed profiles.

They can also follow or precede a target vehicle with a target inter vehicular time. Moreover, this feature allows the user to control the lateral shift relative to its trajectory, in order to overtake.

Racing Traffic: key features
Main features
  • Traffic management dedicated to race:
    • Autonomous vehicles follow trajectories with a speed profile associated
    • Autonomous vehicles adapt their speed to a target vehicle according to an inter vehicular time
  • Trajectory edition with SCANeR studio Terrain mode. Trajectory may be a loop
  • Speed profile edition with SCANeR studio Scenario mode
  • Specific script functions
    • SetRaceSpeedFactor: modify the vehicle speed factor relative the speed profile
    • SetRaceTimeToVehicle: make the vehicle following a target vehicle with an inter vehicular time
    • SetRaceTrajectory: associate the vehicle to the trajectory
    • SetRaceTrajectoryLateralShift: define the lateral shift relative to the trajectory.
Included simulation modules
  • The Add-on Terrain package is required
  • Trajectories are created with SCANeR studio Terrain mode and exported in the RoadXML terrain
  • Speed profile edition are created with SCANeR studio Scenario mode
  • All other Traffic functions are not supported by this module
  • A small inter vehicular time may produce collision with the target vehicle