Optional Features

The Custom Vehicle Dynamics Interface feature allows users to interface any external vehicle dynamics models with SCANeR studio simulation engine (as CarRealTime, Carsim, AMESim, Custom, etc.).

To interface an external vehicle dynamics model using this feature users have 2 choices:

  • Use SCANeR studio’ plugins.
  • Or use the VehicleDynamics API (part of the Studio SDK).
Key features 
Main features
  • Connect any type of dynamic model to SCANeR studio
  • Compatible with Real-Time platform
SCANeR studio plugins  
  • CarRealTime (versions 17.3 and newer)
  • Carsim (versions 7 or 8.2 and 2019.1)
  • ComUDP to connect a remote model
  • Not compatible with Real-Time platform
VehicleDynamics API 
  • Interface any vehicle dynamics models
  • Compatible with Real-Time platforms
  • Programming Language: C/C++, Simulink
Included simulation modules 
  • The feature Custom vehicle Dynamics interface, gives access to Studio settings only, not the third-party manufacturer. All the dynamic part of the external dynamic model is handled by the third-party software of the manufacturer (SCANeR studio is an interface)
  • CarRealTime plugin 
  • CarSim plugin 
  • ComUDP plugin (part of the VehicleDynamics API)
  • External plugin (part of the VehicleDynamics API)

Samples to show how to integrate external models:

  • As plugin:
  • In co-simulation via UDP
    -Carsim 2019.1
    -IPG CarMaker 8.1