Made for real behaviour

The new modes of driving and the next generation of ADAS systems require the most efficient tools to shorten the time-to-market of today’s innovations. At the core of the specifications of the SimPULSE driving simulators: the highest possible level of immersion. The driver experience is the key: AVSimulation used the know-how from the 20 M€ + class simulators (SimELITE) to design this new product.
When focusing on the driver and passenger’s behaviour in the next generation of vehicles, the degree of immersion of the users is defining the accuracy and added value of the observations.
Unlike motorsport applications where the drivers can be trained to adapt to the driving simulators, multi-functional simulators need to provide homogeneous levels of all cues, from visual to vestibular.

AVSimulation is in a unique position in the market: the engineers in charge of the design and validation of the driving simulators share the same offices as the development team for the SCANeR software suite. By working hand in hand, they can elaborate optimal solutions at the service of the end users.
The integrated Cockpit Exchange System (C.E.S.) inherited from the SimELITE simulators is a game changer. The architecture and the interiors of the vehicles are evolving quickly, and AVSimulation wanted to make it possible to update the driving simulator without excessive costs. The C.E.S. also makes it possible to drive one cockpit when a second one is being prepared for the next experiment or is used as a static simulator.

Ready for multi-simulation

SimPULSE can run in multi-simulation with other driving simulators (SimEASY, SimPRIME+, HIL…). It makes it easy to introduce real drivers into the simulated traffic.

Versatility, affordable, so real!

SimPULSE offers the best performance / cost ratio on the market. Based on the computation of the cueing software for the optimal rendering in standard to intense driving situations, the motion system is based on a proven architecture, with even higher performances.
The engineers were aiming at providing the triple 5: 5m/s², 5m/s and excursions of a minimum of 5 meters in all directions.

The results of the AVSimulation’s calculations bring an even more efficient system, paving the way for a wide range of driving conditions. Experienced users of driving simulators know that the most important is not the maximum values of the accelerations, but that the key is also the duration of the accelerations felt by the drivers. The homogeneity of the dynamics brings the drivers to realistic situations with physical and psychological fidelity.

Expanding an existing simulation centre with a versatile simulator of the latest generation?
Needing more realistic simulation and improved immersion?
Use the latest technology by AVS from the most performant driving simulators in the world.


SimPULSE is aiming at covering a broad range of use cases. The very high level of realism in all aspects of the driving tasks ensures that today’s and tomorrow’s studies will be efficient and productive. Discover our large format AVSimulation Use Cases Matrix.



  Technical Design
Engineers and researchers 
Performance Assessment
Pro drivers 
User experience
Lambda drivers
Demonstration & training
Open public 
Human Behaviour   –   Driver strategies, awareness and distraction, physiology, psychology, clinical studies
HMI Design   –  Assessment of the quality of HMIs
AD & ADAS   –  Evaluation and testing of ADAS when driving
Driving cockpit  –  Perceived quality of the cockpit: distribution of components, reachability  
Vehicle Body   –  Interior visibility (driver and passengers), vehicle ingress & egress  
Infrastructure planning & safety 
Vehicle dynamics  – White body, drive train and braking, suspensions, steering, mass distribution, aerodynamics  
Ride and comfort  – NVH  
Powertrain & efficiency  –  Hybrid / electrical / combustion engines strategies
Headlights  –  Standard lamps, AFS, pixel lighting  

Exploration of new interfaces for the drivers and passenger?
Testing tomorrow’s autonomous models?
Designing the next generation of sensors and assistance systems?
Evaluating the comfort of the drivers, and the behaviour of the passengers in autonomous vehicles?
The SimPULSE driving simulators bring expert to lambda drivers to unparalleled virtual driving at this price range.





Cockpit: full car cockpit for higher realism, instrumented with touch screens and a full I/O kit to provide customizable HMIs. The end user will opt for the vehicle model selected and pre-equipped by AVSimulation or for any other custom model.

Exchangeable cockpit: dedicated gate in the dome, and optional elevator for eased cockpit swaps.

Full dome for realism and preserved experience. Optimized structure to save weight and offer high stiffness for dynamic
manoeuvres. Engineered and made in France. A/C system connected to the cockpit.

Visual: 360° display, 5 LED projectors of the latest generation, 120 Hz display, available 3D rendering, with high performances
and low maintenance. Full field of view covered at all positions of the motion system. Automatic calibration.





Full PC system and
SCANeR studio licence.

High-definition sound
system and intercom.

Warranty & maintenance:
access all the services offered
by AVSimulation.

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