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UTAC joins the capital of AVSimulation’s (Sogeclair)

  • With the entry of UTAC into its capital, AVSimulation, a Sogeclair subsidiary, is accelerating the development of vehicle testing in a virtual environment
  • This new strategic agreement expands AVSimulation’s certification capability with digital certification scenarios whose realism and accuracy are correlated with on-track results obtained across various UTAC sites worldwide
  • UTAC joins the shareholding of AVSimulation which was created in 2017 by Renault Group and Oktal (Sogeclair) to develop the SCANeR software and the automotive simulation activity. In 2021, Dassault Systèmes also joins the capital enabling the strengthening of R&D investments, the integration of SCANeR within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and an expansion of its distribution network

Blagnac, France, July 19, 2022, Sogeclair, a supplier of innovative, high added-value solutions for safer and more efficient mobility, announces the conclusion of UTAC’s entry into the capital of AVSimulation, a joint subsidiary of Renault Group, Dassault Systèmes and Oktal (Sogeclair), dedicated to the development of simulation solutions for automotive mobility.

Following this operation, Oktal (Sogeclair) holds 55.25%, UTAC 15%, Dassault Systèmes 15% and Renault Group 14.75% of AVSimulation shares.

The entry of UTAC into the capital of AVSimulation will leverage UTAC’s know-how in the implementation of AD (Autonomous Driving) / ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) tests and will complete the SCANeR software with virtual certification scenarios that strictly follow the protocols in place on four continents.

UTAC will also bring to AVSimulation its expertise in operational simulation deployed across its various sites, especially in the UK, and will further enrich SCANeR’s catalog of scenarios.

About AVSimulation
AVSimulation is a joint company created in July 2017 by contributions from Oktal (Sogeclair) and Renault Group.
Based in France and the United States, the company employs 87 people and achieved a turnover of €13.3 million in 2021.
AVSimulation designs and supplies a wide range of driving simulators with the highest performance on the market.
SCANeR™ is a modular and open simulation software platform offering numerous features for terrain, vehicle, sensor, traffic modeling, scenario editing and massive simulation as well as 3D real-time photorealistic visualization. SCANeR™ is today used for the development and validation of driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous driving, Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and allows to drive millions of virtual kilometers in a few days. SCANeR™ enables a faster and more reliable development cycle, from design to validation.
Press contact: Laura Da Riva / AVSimulation Communication / laura.dariva@avsimulation.com / +336 08 42 54 36

About UTAC
UTAC, a leading group in the digital and sustainable mobility industry. It conducts vehicle development test and validation services, provides regulation & homologation support as well as training, consulting, audit and certification, technical inspection, standardization and events.
UTAC operates the only official Euro NCAP test center in France. The group has forged a unique position in Europe through its ISO 17025 accredited test labs.
The Group has 8 test centers in France, the United Kingdom, Finland and Morocco, test laboratories in the USA and subsidiaries in Germany, China, Korea and Japan. UTAC currently employs approximately 1,280 people across its various sites and expects to reach a turnover of €210 million by 2022. www.utac.com.
Press contact: Isabel Lebon – Peter & Associés / ilebon@peter.fr / +336 07 44 60 74

About Sogeclair
Supplier of innovative, high added-value solutions for safer and more efficient mobility, SOGECLAIR brings its skills in high-quality engineering and production to a broad range of cutting-edge sectors, notably aeronautics, space, vehicle, rail and defense. Supporting its customers and partners from the design and simulation stages through to the end of the product’s lifetime, all along the production chain through to entry into service, the collaborators are working worldwide to offer a high-quality, proximity service to all its customers.
SOGECLAIR is listed on Euronext Paris – Compartment C – Indice Euronext® Family Business -Code ISIN: FR0000065864 / (Reuters SCLR.PA – Bloomberg SOG.FP)
Contacts: Philippe ROBARDEY, President & CEO / Olivier PEDRON, Operating Chief Officer / +33(0)5 61 71 70 33
Press contact: Louise-Marie Thabard  / SOGECLAIR Communication / louise-marie.thabard@sogeclair.com / +336 75 95 12 20