Realism means added value for your experiments

SimREAL accelerates the development of tomorrow’s vehicles. It is the perfect tool for the exploration and validation of autonomous driving, new ADAS systems and their HMIs with a limited investment. Widely selected by car manufacturers, their suppliers and academic research labs, it is the entry level driving simulator for full cockpit simulation with a motion system.

The driver’s experience starts before driving. The feeling of the driver is preserved with the vision and internal room of a real full car cockpit. Even the sound gets more realistic in this configuration. It gives flexibility in the experiments, and allows more future evolutions with new equipment. No other driving simulator provides this level of realism with such a small floor footprint.


Impressive visual system

Visual cues are critical for the drivers. AVSimulation designed a discrete setup based on the latest technologies to display an ultra-sharp and fast environment. AVSimulation’s engineers focused on covering the widest vertical and horizontal field of view (> 180°).

High level of integration

The structure of the visual system can host the supervision desk, using the included video system. The computer system, electrical cabinets and cables are also made invisible to maintain the perception of a real vehicle.

The quality of AVSimulation cockpits

By default, SimREAL includes a modern electric vehicle. It is fully instrumented to cover various types of studies and host new interfaces and measurement gear. The LED displays are controlled by SCANeR and can be fully customized with real-time and realistic behaviour.

No compromise

The high level of realism in the physical and visual stimuli can cause discomfort on static driving simulators. AVSimulation designed its own 3 DoF motion system for the SimREAL simulators.  To keep the simulator as easy to operate as possible, and to avoid any stress to the driver when walking to the driving simulator, the system is hidden under the cockpit.

SCANeR inside

SimREAL is delivered with a pre-tuned SCANeR studio environment. running on a professional computer system. The openness of SCANeR makes it possible to run multi-simulation, and to connect SimREAL to test benches for SiL and HiL experiments.

Today, and tomorrow

SimREAL shares the know-how of AVSimulation with larger driving simulators, and can be upgraded with accessories or later transformed into a SimDYN.

SimREAL comes with a complete service from AVSimulation: from the integration plan to the manufacturing and customization, and eventually the on-site integration. Note that on-site services are also ready for customers willing to accelerate the transformation of their studies. Trainings, consulting, content creation and daily operation and maintenance of the driving simulators: these services can be swiftly operated to unlock the potential of simulation in your research activities.




Driving cockpit


Standard vehicle model

Renault Zoe (4087 x 1787 mm) 5 seats

Modified and instrumented by AVSimulation

Display system



12K (11 520 x 2160 pixels)

Field of view

More than 180° (depends on the cockpit)

Display frequency

60 fps

Angular resolution

around 1 minute of arc

Motion system


Degrees of freedom

3 DoF (heave, pitch and roll)

Frequency range

0-100 Hz (includes a dedicated vibration system)



Included software licenses


1x Foundation Pack, 4 IG and 1 driver

1x Simulators Pack (3 DoF)

Overall dimensions

6 x 7 x 2,7 m (L x W x H)


Cylindrical screen, video supervision, custom vehicle model

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