Modularity at a professional level

The interior of electric and hybrid vehicles is evolving fast, and the new generation of driving simulators is ready. When a real driver is required for the design and validation of V2X systems, new ADAS or innovative HMIs, SimFLEX brings a realistic driving cockpit with high quality interfaces. Most of all, SimFLEX provides a unique modularity to adapt to future experiments.

SimFLEX is a turn-key solution engineered and made in France by AVSimulation. The base SimFLEX product comes with a 650 mm wide body, and can be upgraded with options like the roof, the motion system and/or a 2-seat chassis.

With its compact form factor, SimFLEX-650 can easily be moved through a standard door frame.

Real driving

The cockpit is based on a real passenger car. The driving position feels natural and the real parts (steering wheel, steering levers, seat) deliver a high impression of quality.
With the full 5.1 sound system integrated in the cockpit, the driver can locate precisely the surrounding vehicles and environment.

Impressive visual system

The very wide display system is adapted to driving simulation, where the driver needs to gather a lot of information on the environment and the surrounding traffic. For a crisp image, the simulator provides three 4K displays running at 60 Hz.


The owners of SimFLEX driving simulators use their limitless possibilities of customization to support their experiments. The aluminum profiles used for the main body enable to install very quickly new instruments or measurement equipment (HUD, cameras, additional touch screen …), with very simple tools.
Most of the components can be moved, modified or replaced to meet the requirements of specific test situations. The instrument cluster is displayed on a LCD monitor and controlled by SCANeR.

Strong PC system

The large visual system requires a powerful computer system, to cover today’s and tomorrow’s driving situations. AVSimulation includes a complete PC rack with four high end workstations powered by the latest generations of components. SimFLEX delivers not only a smooth immersion during the driving sessions, but also efficiency during the preparation of the scenarios and the analysis of the results.


As the SimFLEX simulators are prepared in the workshop of AVSimulation, any customization is possible.

  • The first option for SimFLEX-650 is to add a roof to improve the immersion of the driver.
  • SimFLEX-1400 shares the same spirit of performance and modularity, but adds a passenger seat, a roof and two doors. The visual system is also upgraded with three incredible 65” displays.
  • SimFLEX-650+ and SimFLEX-1400+ include very reactive 3 DoF motion systems to add moves and vibrations and render the feeling of the contact with the road.

And many more! AVSimulation can upgrade the SimFLEX simulator with ultra-wide projection systems, the AVS passive pedal set, head and eye trackers …

SCANeR inside

SimFLEX is delivered with a pre-tuned SCANeR studio environment. The openness of SCANeR makes it possible to run multi-simulation, and to connect SimFLEX to test benches for SiL and HiL experiments.

Today, and tomorrow

Note that on-site services are also ready for customers willing to accelerate the transformation of their studies. Trainings, consulting, content creation and daily operation and maintenance of the simulators: these services can be swiftly operated to unlock the potential of simulation in your research activities.



Chassis Aluminium profile base, easy customization. On wheels with brakes.
Available for right-hand and left-hand driving
Visual system Standard display: 3 x 40’’ 4K LED monitors, 120° horizontal field of view. Foldable display support for transport
Virtual cluster 10’’ LCD screen behind the steering wheel
Steering wheel Real Peugeot wheel with force feedback system 
Controls Real steering levers
3 buttons (start/stop engine, electronic parking brake, horn)
Seat With seat belt (connected to the software)
Adjustments: fore and aft position, backrest angle
Pedals Clutch, brake and throttle, with manually adjustable passive force feedback
Gearbox 7+1 manual gearbox (can be switched to sequential  mode)
Sound system 5.1, spatialized by SCANeR
Computer system 4 professional workstations with Nvidia graphic board
(SCANeR certified configuration)
Power supply 115-230V AC 50Hz, max. power consumption: 2kW
Weight approx. 100kg (with 3 x 40’’ screens)
Overall dimensions Folded visual support (LxWxH): 1507 x 866 x 1403 mm
Simulation mode (LxWxH): 1507 x 1720 x 1403 mm


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