The ultimate combination of Performance, Versatility and Efficiency

The most performant multi-purpose simulators in the world

Advanced driving simulators are all about exploration and decision making.
AVSimulation provides users with dedicated driving simulators. At some milestones in the design of new vehicles, the different teams need to meet on the most performant simulator.
SimELITE is the only solution on the market where all aspects of the new vehicles can be tested in the highest level of realism. SimELITE not only operates the most innovative and advanced components, but is designed to deliver the topmost physical and psychological fidelity. unique design to ensure that the experience of the users is as close to a real driving session as possible.


Driven by versatility

The versatility offered by SimELITE imposes a coherent design. SimELITE simulators offer a unique experience with fully immersive driving sessions for all types of drivers, from candid (lambda) drivers to professional drivers. The value and validity of the results of simulation rely on the realism of the driving session for the users, especially with candid drivers. To deliver such an experience AVSimulation brought not only the highest performances on the motion or visual system, but pushed the limits of all technologies. SimELITE is the only simulator capable of rendering scale 1 vehicle moves, with a full visual an auditory immersion, and with a preserved driver experience. Experiments on SimELITE simulators can cover driver and passenger behavior, HMI, AD/ADAS, vehicle dynamics, ride and comfort use cases.

Incredible performances

High but short accelerations are not sufficient to cover all driving situations. SimELITE delivers high accelerations on very long excursions (more than 20 meters). The additional yaw drive in the dome is the key for full scale cues.
The full 360 degree and 3D visual system is integrated in the dome: it follows the cockpit to ensure that the field of view is fully covered with constant quality.
The car cockpits integrated in SimELITE simulators share the same requirement level. The drivers and passengers enter a full-size cockpit, with a high level of modularity and a real seamless integration.


The most advanced driving simulators also demand a perfect efficiency to deliver high value day after day. This new generation of simulators is designed for quick and safe operation from the preparation to the analysis of results. The perfect integration of the SCANeR software enables fast maneuvers and an optimized usage. As an example, the exclusive Cockpit Exchange System was designed to save time during all the operations when the simulator is not running. It is the fastest exchange system in the world (full swap of cockpits in less than one hour). One cockpit can be driven in the simulator when the other one is being prepared and instrumented for the next experiment. The time and money saved by simulation must not be wasted by a poor overall design. Decades of design and operation of driving simulators helped AVSimulation define the most critical features for a realistic and efficient tool.

Technological innovations

The combination of extreme dynamics and the preserved experience for the drivers led AVSimulation to use the latest technologies, at the service of the driving experience.
The large carbon fiber dome holds the cockpit and the visual system even in the extreme moves of the simulator. Its exclusive shape and the manufacturing techniques employed in Europe combine a full coverage of the field of view, a light weight and mechanical performance. The seamless projection surface (including the doors) exhibits the excellence in the design and manufacturing.

At the core of the motion system, dozens of linear motors are powered by rows of super-capacitors. This new technology for direct drive high speed motors provides silent, smooth and fast accelerations. The high maximum speeds enable long standing accelerations, and the extended rails give room for unperceivable transitions.
Several years were spent by the AVSimulation engineers on the optimizations of all the parts to ensure a constant level of quality and accuracy, even in the most dynamic sessions. Only AVSimulation can provide the engineering excellence required by the level of performances of SimELITE.

Best integration of the software

SimELITE is usually the heart of simulation labs. SCANeR simulators can be connected to test benches (ViL, HiL) or to other simulators. Operators of the simulation centers share the same content and scenarios between their tools. Efficiency is a core requirement for professional simulation centers. SCANeR is the only solution to bring this level of versatility.



Driving cockpit


Standard vehicle model

Renault Zoe (4087 x 1787 mm) 5 seats

Modified and instrumented by AVSimulation

Display system



61 MPx

Field of view


Display frequency

120 fps

Active 3D rendering (stereo)


Motion system


Degrees of freedom

9 DoF + vibration system

Peak accelerations

More than 1G

Cockpit Exchange System (C.E.S.)


Dedicated cockpit elevator


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