The SimEASY simulator is an affordable «out of the box» product which will enable the users to benefit from the SCANeR studio versatility to address a wide range of use cases.

29 900€

6-month rental available.
Discount available for Academic customers.

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SimEASY is a compact simulator targeting the non-racing-oriented studies. It is affordable, realistic and can easily be moved by one person. When choosing SimEASY you do not need any additional software or hardware. It is a turn-key simulation solution where all the hardware and software is already installed and configured. Each component has been selected by AVSimulation engineers to provide the best possible quality. Last but not least, SimEASY is CE certified and compliant with other simulation software and is available in left and right-hand drive steering configurations. As hundreds of other simulators already deployed worldwide, it is powered by the SCANeR studio simulation software platform.
You will leverage 30 years of expertise and benefit from the latest innovation in the simulation market. Second, choosing a SCANeR studio based simulator lowers the risks: indeed, your work and deliverables will be compatible with many simulators, you will be part of a community of hundreds of engineers and you will be able to reuse everything you’ve developped on other simulators.

Discover below the presentation of SimEASY :




Human Factors

SimEASY is a smart and cost-effective option for any human factor related research. This includes, among others, evaluation of human driver performance, assesment of the interactions between drivers, human machine interfaces (HMI) and ADAS. Other studies may concern characterization of driver’s behaviour, driver awareness impact, drugs and alcohol effects, ergonomics, traffic safety, infrastructure and transportation efficiency studies…

SiL, MiL, HiL

SimEASY is a natural candidate for software in the loop (SiL), model in the loop (MiL) and hardware in the loop (HiL) testing. SimEASY provides the driver with high quality controls and feedback, and can be connected to test benches. Other examples include cases where SimEASY drives an engine bench or enables a driver to validate the behaviour of ECUs and/ or HMI prototypes at very early stages. You can easily connect SimEASY to all kinds of hardware or include your own code in C++, LabVIEW or Python.


By connecting several SimEASY simulators, you will be able to run multiple actors-based simulations. Due to its small form factor, several SimEASY cockpits can be installed in the same room. You can also connect multiple SimEASY to a full-scale simulator and enrich the simulation with real human behaviour. The key point here is the simulation software used: SCANeR. It is not only used in SimEASY and high-end simulators, but it is also ready for multi-simulation and the network configuration takes a few minutes.

Fine-tuning of scenarios

Realistic scenarios tuning can be extremely time consuming. As it does not make sense to do these kinds of tasks on a costly simulator, SimEASY can really help to save time and money. Indeed, since SCANeR studio simulation software is used in high end simulators as well as at the heart of SimEASY, one can fine tune a scenario on SimEASY and then deploy it on a high-end simulator.


Chassis Moulded glass fibre and steel frame. On wheels with brakes.
Available for right-hand and left-hand driving
Visual system 3 x 27 ’’ Full HD LED monitors, 93° horizontal field of view. Foldable display support for transport
Virtual cluster Can be displayed in the front view monitor
Steering wheel Active force feedback system (8 N.m nominal torque), 900° max. rotation, adjustable position in angle and depth
Controls Paddle shifters. Configuration buttons on the steering wheel
Seat Real leather, no seat belt included. Adjustments: fore and aft position, backrest angle
Pedals Clutch, brake and throttle, with manually adjustable passive force feedback
Gearbox 7+1 manual gearbox (can be switched to sequential mode)
Sound system 2.1 system
Computer system 1 professional workstation with Nvidia graphic board (SCANeR™studio certified configuration)
Power supply 220/230 V 50Hz, max. power consumption: 2kW
Weight approx. 40kg
Included software licenses

1x Foundation Pack for 1 image generation PC