When simulation requires dynamics and realism, SimDYN offers real scale performances for every day’s driving situations.

Compared to smaller driving simulators, SimDYN steps up to provide a realistic experience for aware to candid drivers. All the attention is on the coherent level of physical and psychological fidelity. To keep realism and immersion at their high levels, one full cockpit is installed on the powerful motion system. AVSimulation uses technologies from the most performant driving simulators in the world, to adapt them into a medium form factor at an attractive price point.

Because the SimDYN driving simulators are used for Human factors, HMI, AD & ADAS or even comfort evaluations, all efforts are put to deliver accurate and coherent cues to the driver.

With SimDYN, accelerate your research with faster iterations during design and validation.


Immersive experience

AVSimulation leverages more than 30 years of experience in driving simulation to ensure the stability and efficiency of this driving simulator. The very large visual display is designed and calibrated to provide not only a very wide and high field of view, but also an extremely sharp image. A unique combination of fast and ultra-fine displays produces an accurate 3D environment. Disruptions in the immersion can occur if the driver sees the borders of a screen in the extreme positions of the motion system. The size and position of the image are computed to cover the field of view and maintain the realism.

The quality of the driving experience also relies on the individual performance of the components. The low latency was a key factor for the design of each sub-system (visual, motion, force feedback systems), to deliver a coherent and fast performance. The quality of the observations and measurements made during driving sessions rely on the coherence of the driver’s behaviour. This SimDYN line brings more value to each driven kilometre of the driving sessions, and accelerates your work.

Incredible performances in a compact form factor

The compact form factor enables a quick integration into existing laboratories. The first simulator of the SimDYN line was delivered in 2005. Such a driving simulator deserves the best simulation software. SCANeR brings the ease of use for every-day runs, but also optimises the use of the individual components like the motion system.

Drive less, simulate more

Save time and energy with the SimDYN driving simulators. A wide range of driving situations can be covered with the SimDYN line with efficiency. Precision in the details, all the attention focused on the overall performance bring fast, flexible and accurate driving sessions. Even if the SimDYN simulators share the same simulation software as the full range of AVSimulation solutions, the whole cost of ownership is considered from the concept phase to keep it as low as possible, even for maintenance activities.

Seriously moving

The motion platform selected for the SimDYN driving simulator is not only providing intense accelerations to cover as many driving manoeuvres as possible, but also comes with long excursions. This is the only option to provide smooth and long accelerations.
AVSimulation’s engineers keep optimising the geometry, performances of the motion systems, but also the control laws to guarantee the optimal use of the systems.

SimDYN comes with a complete service from AVSimulation: from the integration plan to the manufacturing and customization, and eventually the on-site integration. Note that on-site services are also ready for customers willing to accelerate the transformation of their studies. Trainings, consulting, content creation and daily operation and maintenance of the simulators: these services can be swiftly operated to unlock the potential of simulation in your research activities.

The first driving simulator of the SimDYN line was delivered in 2005!

Standard or tailor-made?

AVSimulation engineered an optimal combination of its know-how and of the latest technologies to offer one off-the-shelf driving simulator and a few options. This solution enables to deliver SimDYN simulators with the shortest lead time. But as every study may require specific equipment, AVSimulation can tune the design of the driving simulator to fit your specific requirements.

Extra light vehicle cockpits are available to boost the dynamics even more and unleash all the potential of SCANeR studio in ride and comfort studies.
Ultra-fast cockpit exchange system, specific cockpits, wider displays based on LED walls … contact us to discover the options to enrich the simulator and make it fit your needs.

Best integration of the software

The driving simulator was designed and produced by the same teams who deliver the market-leading SCANeR software suite. They ensure that the whole simulator is able to make a full profit of the incredible features and performance of the software. This gives the largest range of possibilities to connect the driving simulator to external models, software code or test benches.

As for all other driving simulators running SCANeR, you can enrich the simulation by connecting several simulators and introducing one or more real drivers in the traffic.



Driving cockpit


Standard vehicle model

Renault Zoe (4087 x 1787 mm) 5 seats

Modified and instrumented by AVSimulation

Display system



12K (11 520 x 2160 pixels)

Field of view


Display frequency

60 fps

Angular resolution

around 1.8 minute of arc

Motion system


Degrees of freedom

6 DoF (3 translations and 3 rotations)

Frequency range

0-100 Hz (includes a dedicated vibration system)



Included software licenses


1x Foundation Pack, 4 IG and 1 driver

1x Simulators Pack (6 DoF)


Custom vehicle model, motorized access ramp, motorized floor, tracking systems

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