The most complete automotive simulation solution on the market

SCANeR is the most complete solution on the market with its full graphical environment: it allows users to configure, prepare, run simulations and analyze results. Flexible and versatile, it can be used by different teams working on different aspects of the same project (headlights, AD/ADAS, HMI, etc.). Moreover, SCANeR is the only simulation software that can be used throughout the V-cycle: from the validation of the requirements expression to acceptance tests (ViL).

Its 3D UXD engine (based on Unreal technology) offers a unique driving experience and a representative photorealism to validate systems (e.g. injection, over the air).

The standardization around SCANeR is a competitive advantage. Indeed, the generalization of its use favors the sharing and reuse of experiments by different teams. Moreover, experience shows that the use of SCANeR eliminates the development and maintenance of tools that are supposed to allow teams to share and exchange data or simulation results between them. Finally, the widespread use of SCANeR ensures that best practices are shared, employee skills are increased and efficiency is improved.

SCANeR is an open software, the development kit is provided with all configurations at no extra cost. Thanks to this kit, customers can adapt SCANeR to their needs, to their existing tools or to third-party software (compatible with Windows and Linux). Moreover, it can be easily updated. You can download the software installer from our website,, using your personal account.

SCANeR licenses are available in the following formats:

  • Nomadic (USB dongle can be moved by the customer),
  • Fixed (node-locked on a computer),
  • License server with floating tokens.

SCANeR is available in English and French.

In what areas can SCANeR be a beneficial tool?

Engineering and product development:

Automobile manufacturers (OEMs) and equipment manufacturers developing vehicles or complete systems (ADAS, headlights, etc.).

The implementation of our simulation solutions and our SIL/HIL benches allows:

  • Reduction of development cycles,
  • The limitation of the gap between the functional validation and the prototype test,
  • The development and validation of embedded systems.


The research segments are universities, laboratories and research institutes.
The main objective is to carry out research on the human factor in transport systems and means, as well as in transport infrastructures, from a technical, economic and sociological point of view.
The improvement of driving assistance systems, comfort and safety from an ergonomic and man-machine interaction point of view are also concerned.


Around the world, a growing number of people involved in driver training and awareness (training centers, transport operators, insurance companies, local and regional councils) are interested in acquiring simulators.

SCANeR is a tool that allows you to test and validate different application cases:


For this, 5 modes are at your disposal:

Terrain edition
Create environments:

  • From those delivered with the installer (edition),
  • By GIS import (creation by import): OpenDRIVE, HERE, OSM, CSV, and more,
  • From a “blank sheet”: using powerful tools at your disposal (creation),
  • Add panels and markings (many 3D objects are already delivered with the installer, feel free to add to them!),
  • Import and/or generation of the 3D model,
  • Import and/or generation of the rolling surface: SOL, RDF, VS-TERRAIN, and more,
  • Georeferenced environments based on longitude and latitude.

Scenario edition

  • Define the parameters of the scenario,
  • Position and set up vehicles/drivers,
  • Build events with MICE, a user-friendly language,
  • Use the Python programming language for more advanced scripts.


  • Analyze recorded data synchronously with 3D views and videos,
  • Export data to MS Excel or standard CSV files.

Vehicle edition

  • Edit and test the logical information, the visual model and the vehicle category,
  • Edit and test the description and characteristics of the vehicle dynamic model (transmission, engine, tires, chassis, sound…). The CALLAS edition requires an additional license,
  • Standard ISO vehicle dynamics test,
  • Connect an external model to SCANeR using the Foundation Pack.


Supervision of the simulation

  • Selection of driving scenarios,
  • Start and follow-up of simulation sessions,
  • Interact dynamically with the simulation,
  • Recording and replaying simulations.


You want to try it?

Discover also our different packs.

Feel free to read the latest release note SCANeR 2022.2 to learn more.