SCANeR studio

SCANeR is the most comprehensive simulation platform addressing prototyping, validation and training of ADAS, Autonomous Vehicles as well as Human Machine Interaction.

SCANeR studio is a comprehensive software suite dedicated to automotive and transport simulation addressing both testing and driving for ADAS, Autonomous Vehicle, HMI and Headlight use cases.

SCANeR studio provides all the tools and models that are necessary to build an ultra-realistic virtual World: road environment, vehicle dynamics, traffic, sensors, real or virtual drivers, headlights, weather conditions and scenario scripting

Download the trial version and find out about the option available in DATACONVERTOR, allowing users to choose the MATLAB format (.mat) to export signals recorded during a simulation.


This new export option allows users to access raw SCANeR messages, or interpolated signals, up to perform post-treatments in MATLAB.
The MATLAB format has the advantage to keep the structuration of the messages to facilitate post-processing.

Far from being a “black box” tool, SCANeR studio is a genuine modular simulation platform, flexible, expendable and open, meeting the needs of researchers and engineers. Its versatility makes a complete range of setups possible: driving simulators, model-in-the-loop, software-in-the-loop, hardware-in-the-loop.

Find the SCANeR 2021.2 release note here !

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