SCANeR Cloud

Complete and scalable platform of cloud-based services and solutions

SCANeR Cloud is a Web-based massive computing platform that allows to run millions of SCANeR simulations in parallel to develop or validate intelligent mobility systems.

Thanks to SCANeR Cloud, SCANeR simulation platform is a complete end-to-end massive simulation solution to automate your software development workflows and deploy better quality code, more often.

SCANeR Cloud, powered by AWS, allows unlimited parallel execution of tests to:

    • Accelerate System Under Test validation (as ADAS, Sensor, Lights, and more)
    • Train Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Detect corner cases (explore known/unknown tests as SOTIF)
    • Systematic requirements testing
    • Cover dangerous scenario
    • Optimize calibration

Fully integrated within SCANeR tool chain it offers all tools and features to easily :

Use Case

Prepare locally:

    • A SCANeR configuration
    • A set of scenarios with their dependencies
    • Your system under test (SUT)
    • A specific vehicle model (VUT)

② Run the project by defining:

    • The number of compute nodes desired
    • If there is a need for a GPU

Deploy thousands of compute nodes in a few clicks without the need of a dedicated HPC deployment team.

③ Analyze the results (as soon as the execution is launched):

    • By observing the graph of the parallel coordinates
      • In blue the parameters validating the criteria
      • In red the parameters that do not validate one of the criteria
    • By using the details of the scenarios
    • By exporting the records

Product & Pricing

Get SCANeR Cloud as a Software: instances-based subscription

  • Get SCANeR Cloud licenses
  • Deploy SCANeR Cloud solution on your AWS platform
  • Manage and execute your tests

Get SCANeR Cloud as a Service: cloud usage

  • Loan AVSimulation platform Powered by AWS
  • Manage and execute your tests

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