Optional Features

The Real-Time package gives access to the RT_GATEWAY feature.

The RT_GATEWAY feature allows to easily connect SCANeR studio simulation to RT systems. It can send any SCANeR studio data (sensors, vehicles, …) to RT platform using communication plug-ins. Data are packed as “RT friendly” array of values. A dedicated GUI in studio allows to define data to forward to RT system through custom “filters”. The communication is bidirectional and can also be used to send data to SCANeR studio from RT systems.

Communication Plug-ins are available for UDP and SISCI shared memory.

  • UDP is the User Datagram Protocol to establishing connections between applications over ethernet.
  • SISCI is a Shared-Memory system using Dolphin hardware which can be used to exchange data with a real time platform at High speed and low latency.

SCANeR can run on CentOS based Real time Linux RedHawk distribution. It supports RedHawk FBS (Frequency-Based Scheduler) to allow very precise and deterministic scheduling of critical features.

Key features
Main features
  • Bi-directional communication with RT platforms
  • Communication plugins
  • User defined filters
  • GUI for filter edition
Communication plugins
  • UDP
  • SISCI for use with Dolphin cards
  • Logger
Filter edition
  • Filters are edited in studio and can be shared between scenarios
  • Select which SCANeR data to send
  • Map received data to Export Channels
  • Export mapping to Simulink or CSV
Included simulation modules