Part of the Foundation Pack

PHYSICS features includes into The Foundation Pack are the SCANeR studio real-time physics engines (gravity, collision, friction).

It enables to handle 3D collisions and physics behaviour of simulation objects with Interactive & Traffic vehicles, Pedestrians, Bicycles, Infrastructure objects and Crash barrier.

The model is based on a full featured physics engine and allows real time scenario interactions for collisions detections and attaching/detaching objects to vehicles.

The users also have the possibility to create different interactions by using the script.

Key features
Main features
  • Real time physics engine
  • Offline support
  • All type of collisions:
    • Objects to objects
    • Objects to vehicles
    • Vehicles to vehicles
  • Dynamic ground feature
Scenario interactions
  • Collision detection
  • Collision information
  • Join / Disjoin objects and vehicle
  • Position
  • Activation/Deactivation
Vehicle interactions
  • Collision force restitution on dynamic models
Included modules
  • Physics