The headlight simulation modules of SCANeR studio are used for headlight system development and realistic night drive experiments.

Use cases for headlight simulation:

  • Headlight component and system development (technology, design, cost optimization)
  • Development of Intelligent lighting system laws and strategies
  • AFS and ADB Matrix beam
  • Night-time driving and weather conditions for road safety and comfort
  • Glare and discomfort studies

The HEADLIGHTS package is a powerful set of features used for headlights systems design and realistic night drive experiments. It gives access to the NIGHTTESTMANAGER, AFSMANAGER modules and the lightingsimulation mode of the VISUAL module.

The NIGHTESTMANAGER is used to create, manage, study and compare in real time vehicle lights. The VISUAL module renders the headlights (using lightingsimulation rendering mode).

In addition, the AFSMANAGER is a tool used to “run” Adaptive Front Lights Strategies developed with the AFS API provided with the SCANeR SDK.

Key Features
Design tools
  • Multiple light sources
  • Full headlight configuration: optical functions, projectors and light source positioning
  • Light sources intensities
  • FTA, HLT, IES, ATF photometry files
  • Dedicated rendering mode in visual module
  • Heterogeneous colour cartography rendering (ATF photometry)
  • Reflectance properties of materials (BRDF)
  • Gamma correction and screen calibration
  • Real-Time rendering of projected ISO Lux curves
  • Measurement grids
  • Fog and wet road rendering
  • Linear, logarithmic, Munsell and custom tone mapping operators
Linear Logarithmic Munsell
Dedicated tools
  • Interactive edition of all light’s parameters
  • Real time illuminance measurement with sensors and mouse picking
  • Video recording, snapshots
  • Point of view modification, screen splitting
  • Vehicle control interface
  • Weather control interface
  • Custom AFS control strategy with API
Photometry Analysis
  • Extraction of criteria from a photometry
  • Isolux curves
  • Computations on photometries
  • Gradient curves
Provided data
  • Sample photometric data
  • Advanced material databases
  • Aiming 3D Wall object
Included simulation modules
  • Lighting Simulation rendering mode of VISUAL
  • PhotometricAnalyzer
Token Management
  • One instance of this software package enables the headlight mode for all instances of Visual module