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AVSimulation is pleased to announce that our R&D team has been selected for an EPIC MegaGrants for our project SCANeR Ne><t.


What are Epic MegaGrants?


Created by Epic Games this project commits $100 million to support game developers, enterprise professionals, media and entertainment creators, students, educators, and tool developers doing amazing things with Unreal Engine or enhancing open-source capabilities for the 3D graphics community. They support visualization, simulation, design, interactive application, or VR/MR/AR project for architecture, automotive, manufacturing, or other non-game industry.


Why did AVSimulation apply?


Our 3D engine was initially based on OpenSceneGraph (OSG). We are in the process of upgrading it to bring to the market a new generation of simulation tools. This new 3D engine is named UXD engine, and we plan to develop a complete tool chain to create the virtual environment. It will also generate photorealistic, and physics based synthetic images benefiting of a 3D engine that will bring unrivaled realism, a solid ecosystem and long-term commitment for our customers. Additionally, we will extend the solution to automotive sensors modelling including electromagnetic waves simulation (Radar), electro-optics (Lidar) and to Headlight simulation.


Our ambition is to develop an unique and comprehensive toolchain that will be used by Research & Innovation teams and by the engineers all along the V-Cycle. The objective is to accelerate the development of Autonomous Connected Vehicles, whatever the form factor of the test systems: simple workstation, massive simulation in the cloud, driving simulators, HIL / VIL benches.


The challenges for this application are to be able to replace millions of physical miles driven on open roads or proving grounds by virtual miles driven in simulation. This requires simulating with an ultra-high accuracy the vehicles’ environment to immerse real drivers and automotive sensors to validate their behavior. This implies being able to reproduce reality in all its complexity: erased marking, damaged road, metallic barriers that will reflect radar waves, lighting and weather conditions that will affect driver or camera visibility.


AVSimulation selected the Unreal Engine developed by Epic Games because it meets all these requirements and provides the required functionalities for a disruptive industrial simulation solution:

  • Physics-based 3D rendering engine to simulate scenes photo realistically taking light and materials into account
  • Real-time raytracing
  • Complete chain for data production and integration
  • Animations, physical interactions, and special effects
  • Procedural creation of environments
  • Multi-platform
  • Efficient and adapted economic model


On behalf of the whole AVSimulation, we would like to thank the EpicGames Team for their trust and support! This Megagrants will help us to pursue the development of SCANeR Ne><t and of our UXD engine!