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SCANeR 2021.1 r34 released March 24 2021.

AVSimulation announced the new SCANeR 2021.1 r34 updating numerous changes in SCANeR studio and Terrain.

This update provides users with a fixed network connection with the DeamonAvs, a connexion failure caused by the ipv6 support in Poco’s new version, the new Deamon uses ipv4. Another connection with the network has been fixed, the DeamonAvs fails on localHost machine which included several network interfaces. Furthermore, SCANeR 2021.1 r34 update the problem of the “signal not found”  when the DaemonAVS is used.

Concerning Terrain, this update fixes the crash linked to shae record and sets EHorizon simulation time to fit with non-real time use case.

AVSimulation services team are constantly working on new updates to garantee the best user experience.

To learn more about about the Services at AVSimulation take a look at the online Services Catalogue.

Now if you have an industrial software process already in place with a previous version of SCANeR, keep in mind you can install r34 side by side with a previous update. In this case, you can just download the trial version to try SCANeR.