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AVSimulation and OKTAL have signed an exclusive agreement for the development of a coupled version of SCANeR™studio and SE-Workbench. OKTAL is a sister company that has become a global reference in terms of synthetic environment rendering software in both Electro-Optic (Visible, Infrared) and Radio-Frequency (Radar, GNSS) domains. It is part of the Sogeclair group.

Through this agreement, SCANeR™studio will integrate the SE-Workbench capabilities for the simulation of visible cameras, infrared sensors, LIDAR, RADAR and GNSS receivers. This seamless integration between a recognized solution widely used in the aerospace, space and defense industry and SCANeR™studio will lead to a unique opportunity to deliver physically based synthetic environment modeling for OEMs aiming at developing new sensor processing and multi sensor data fusion functions.

AVSimulation intends to widen the SCANeR™studio functionalities to meet increasing market demand for physical sensors’ simulation while leveraging OKTAL experience in physical modeling of synthetic environment.

Thanks to this agreement, SCANeR™studio will pursue its acceleration to become a truly unique product for the Autonomous Vehicle fast growing market with a first release in 2018 that will address all types of sensors in a physics based and highly realistic way.