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ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle

With realistic models for the vehicle, the sensors and the environment, SCANeRstudio is the central development and testing platform for many ADAS and autonomous vehicle use cases :

  • Active & Passive safety systems
  • V2X
  • HMI integration / evaluation
  • Collision avoidance, Warning, Assistance systems
  • Automatic parking
  • Autonomous driving L3, L4, L5
  • Validation
  • Training

Human factors

Well-integrated in the development process, it allows the evaluation of the HMI system at an early stage of development and improves the relevance of Ergonomic Studies with respect to the existing tools and methods.

Use cases for human factors studies :

  • Evaluation of human driver performance and behavior
  • Driver fatigue, sleepiness, Hypo vigilance, drugs and alcohol effects
  • Ergonomics
  • Traffic safety
  • Infrastructure and transportation studies
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) and ADAS
  • System prototyping and integration


The headlight simulation modules of SCANeR™ studio are used for headlight system development and realistic night drive experiments.

Use cases for headlight simulation:

  • Headlight component and system development (technology, design, cost optimization)
  • Development of Intelligent lighting system laws and strategies
  • AFS and ADB Matrix beam
  • Night-time driving and weather conditions for road safety and comfort
  • Glare and discomfort studies

Massive simulation

SCANeR™studio virtual platform enables driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving functions to be endlessly tested and validated.

The use of virtual testing to complement track or road testing provides safer  test condition and reduced costs and time.

This use case relies on exclusive SCANeR™studio features:

  • Modeling of the vehicle, sensors, driver and environment
  • Complex scenario and critical events representative of real driving situations
  • Automated tests edition program
  • Carrying out Massive and Parallel tests in an efficient way
  • Improve the validation process and tests coverage rate
  • High performance computing on premises or in the cloud
  • Metrics and performance analysis and reports
  • Validate functional safety

Vehicle Dynamics

SCANeR™ studio includes CALLAS model and offers a virtual proving ground for various civil, military and motorsport vehicle dynamics applications: vehicles concepts and design, performance, homologation, advanced chassis control, consumption and pollution optimization, etc.