The network designed to reproduce North American environments.

The USA road network was designed to faithfully reproduce various North American environments. The network includes mountainous areas (snow and snow-free), agricultural, rural and pavilions, among others.

Road signs and road improvements respect local specificities.


Real time simulation
  • The MODELHANDLER module, which manages vehicle dynamics and ground reconnaissance, operates at 500Hz.
  • The number of images calculated is 60 frames per second to ensure visual comfort to the driver regarding the AVSimulation machine specifications.
Rendering quality

Usable both rendering:

  • Advanced (HDR or other rendering providing very good visual quality but with a potentially lower refresh rate).

    Simple. The quality of textures, materials, lights (street lighting, tunnel,) is very important.

    LightingSimulation. This mode allows the use of Night Test mode for night lighting simulation.


49 km of road
25 km of highway
9 km of 2×2 lanes or 1×2 suburban
9 km mountainous (elevation 800k)
Surface area: 54,600 Ha
Geolocation (wgs84): No
99 intersections
Surface types: 6 variations of asphalt
57 variations in ground markings
43 variations in road profiles
133 objects placed (trees, bridges, etc.) on the logical content of the road.