Trainings Catalog

To improve your skills in using SCANeR studio

Based on the feedback of its customers, AVSimulation has extended its training offer and is now providing a standard set of training modules to cover the large range of applications of SCANeR™studio.
This catalog lists all the available programs sorted by categories and modules.
These training modules are oriented toward a good user experience through exercises and real world samples.
Training options
There are different ways to attend a training:
– at AVSimulation office in Paris
– at your office
– online
Training at AVSimulation office in Paris
Regular training sessions will be organized as follows:
– One computer and one SCANeR™studio full license per trainee
– Access to AVSimulation integration workshop for the practice sessions with SCANeR™studio approved hardware
– Opportunity to meet the SCANeR™studio support and development team
Training sessions will be arranged for 2 to 6 students.

Our Trainings


B1: SCANeR™studio essentials (basic level, 2 days)

• Understand SCANeR™studio modular structure
• Create and manage a configuration
• Start and stop a simulation
• Create a basic experiment
• Record, analyze and export data
• Create a basic road network
• Understand vehicle modeling
• Know where to find help


I1: Standard simulation modules (intermediate level, 2 days)

• Overview of new features of SCANeR™studio
• Design a dashboard
• Bookmark simulation times with time markers
• Setup a radio communication with Intercom
• Tune sound samples
• Record the screen content with Screen Recorder
• Manage cameras and cockpits

I2: Advanced experiments (intermediate level, 2 days)

• Tune the environment and initial conditions
• Control autonomous vehicles and pedestrian’s behavior
• React to events, script the simulation
• Manage the traffic (traffic lights, swarm, sources & sinks)
• Monitor the interactive vehicle (position on the road, relationship with other vehicles)
• Manag infrastructure objects and physics collisions
• Interact with the driver (display text and images, play sound, cabin acquisition)
• Choose data to record for debriefing
• Advanced scripting (tasks, Python)
• Advices for experiment creation

I3: Road networks (intermediate level, 2 days)

• Create a road network (axis, profiles, lanes, intersections)
• Add traffic signs, traffic lights and decoration objects
• Edit altitude and banking
• Generate a 3D terrain and a rolling surface
• Convert a 3dsMax object using OSG exporter
• Import Shapefile data
• License needed: Academic Plus or more

I4: SCANeR™studio module development (intermediate level, 2 days)

• Overview of all the existing API
• Build and use the SDK samples
• Understand SCANeR™studio messages
• Develop a module using C++
• Develop a module using Matlab/Simulink Communicate using
the VEN protocol
• Use Controlpad to spy messages
• Prerequisite: C++ and/or Simulink software programming

I5: Acquisition and instrument panel development (intermediate level, 2 days)

• Understand UDPCabin protocol
• Develop an acquisition module using LabVIEW
• Configure HumanDriver acquisitions
• Exchange SCANeR™studio messages
• Develop an instrument panel module
• Prerequisite: LabVIEW and software programming knowledge


A1: ADAS (advanced level, 2 days)

• Create and manage a sensor configuration
• Start a simulation with sensor modules
• Analyze sensors network messages
• Develop a basic ADAS system
• Prerequisite: software programming knowledge
• License needed: sensors add-on

A2: Headlight / AFS (advanced level, 2 days)

• Understand SCANeR™studio headlight solution
• Create and manage a headlight configuration
• Configure the visual module for displaying headlight
• Start a simulation with NightTestManager module
• Know headlight requirements for 3D databases
• Develop a basic AFS strategy
• Prerequisite: software programming knowledge
• Licenses needed: headlight

A3: Vehicle dynamics (advanced level, 3 days)

• Understand SCANeR Vehicle
• CALLAS modeling
• Tools to model / validate
• Co-simulate with Matlab/Simulink
• Create an automatic test using Virtual Driver
• Analysis tools / post-processing
• Parameterization of simulations
(initialization, statico-dynamics, calculation method)
• Prerequisite: vehicle dynamics knowledge
• License needed: Callas model edition add-on

A4: HPC (advanced level, 2 days)

• Create a template scenario in SCANeR™studio
• Create a test plan with SCANeR™Explore
• Generate multiple variations of the template scenario
• Start a non-real time simulation
• Launch SCANeR™Compute with different options
• Launch a multi-session of SCANeR™Compute
• Useful for: vehicle dynamics, ADAS development

A5: Visual display configuration (advanced level, 1 day)

• Understand visual screens computation
• Workshop: configure screens for a CDS
• Workshop: configure a cylindrical screen
• Understand blending issues
• Prerequisite: trigonometry basic

A6: Driver tracking applications (advanced level, 1 day)

• Understand SCANeR™studio trackers solution
• Configure an eye tracker and a head tracker system
• React to tracker events during the simulation (object detection)
• Analyse and export eye tracker raw data
• Workshop: connect an eye tracker system to SCANeR™studio
• Prerequisite: know how to use a tracker system
• License needed: trac

A7: Advanced applications (advanced level, 1 day EACH)

• Develop a lane keeping system (steering wheel vibration when out of lane)
• Improve haptic feedback (road surface edition and impacts on sound, steering wheel
and motion)
• Motion effects and motion cueing
• Reduce transport delay to prevent simulator sickness