Features part of The Foundation Pack

The Traffic and Pedestrian features give access to the TRAFFIC, WALKERTRAFFIC and TRAFFICTOOLS modules.

  • TRAFFIC is an A.I. based feature used to compute traffic vehicles movements and actions (including cars, trucks, bus, bicycles, motorcycles, trailers and 2-wheeled vehicle).
  • WALKERTRAFFIC is an A.I. based feature used to compute the pedestrian movements and actions.
  • TRAFFICTOOLS feature allows the generation of new vehicles during the simulation thanks to source and sink features. Source is a tool that allows to automatically produce vehicles (define a vehicle flow per hour). A Sink allows to delete vehicles produced by a Source.
Key features 
Main features
  • The multi-agent system included in these modules control the trajectories, behaviour and interaction of traffic vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Script functions available to trigger events on pedestrian and vehicles.
  • Swarm traffic.
  • Dynamic vehicle creation (e.g. using sources and sinks).
  • Dynamic signs management (e.g. control traffic lights).
  • The behaviour of the pedestrians and vehicles can be changed by script:
    • Force vehicle to change lane
    • Force pedestrians to cross a road outside of the pedestrian crossing
    • Force the speed or acceleration
    • Respect/ don’t respect road signs
  • Activate lights
Simulated entities 
  • Vehicles (cars, truck, buses, 2-wheels, trailers)
  • Alive being (pedestrian, animals)
  • Infrastructure (traffic lights, barriers, message board)
  • Observe traffic rules:
    • Speed limit
    • Priority
    • Road signs (traffic light, yield, stop)
  • Avoid collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians
  • Overtake if needed
  • Change lane to avoid high density or too slow lane
  • Put the light and indicators on/off when needed
  • Anticipate manoeuvres in order to accelerate and turn smoothly
  • Swarm area definition
  • Source and Sink control 
Alive beings 
  • Pedestrians and animals
  • Stay on their path (sidewalk, etc.)
  • Avoid each other
  • Pedestrians cross roads on pedestrian crossing
  • Pedestrians observe traffic light when crossing a road 
Simulation level
  • Nano and micro simulation
  • Automatic creation of vehicles and alive-beings groups
  • Statistical distributions with respect of vehicle or pedestrian type repartition
Maximum entities
  • Vary according to material configuration, played data (3D environment, number of vehicles, alive being, etc.)
  • +/-200 
Included simulation modules