TERRAIN (3D Generation and geodata import)

Optional Features

The feature TERRAIN (3D GENERATION AND GEODATA IMPORT) gives access to extra feature for the TERRAIN mode of SCANeR studio:

  • Generate and save 3D environment files
  • Create road networks automatically from maps or acquisitions

TERRAIN mode is a RoadXML© editor, www.road-xml.org.

With this mode users will easily be able to:

  • Recreate a road network drastically faster than usual tools:
    • Control the Number of lanes,
    • Lanes’ speed,
    • Markings,
    • Elevation,
    • Banking,
    • Complex Intersections, etc.
  • Design and generate 3D and logical road network with civil engineering approach:
    • From scratch,
    • From exiting 3D environments,
    • From Mobile Measurement Survey,
    • From Mapping/GIS data.

Compatible with VISUAL feature.

Key features
Main features
  • Easy and quick simulation terrain creation
  • Create a road network from scratch or by importing external file formats
  • Generate basic 3D environment based on elevation and banking
  • Road network can be georeferenced
  • Tiles management: Create your road network libraries and mix these to quickly build several road networks (tiles can be merged)
  • Import 3D environment as a background and build road network based on it
  • Compatibility with VISUAL feature
Supported input formats
  • CSV (open format with technical specifications to import custom made terrain format)
  • GIS Shapefile (generic, BDTopo)
  • Here shapefiles (Navstreet)
  • OpenStreetMap
  • TomTom HD (beta xml)
  • Here live map (protobuf)
  • OpenDrive 1.4
  • Mapel, PALAS2 (road axis, trajectory and 3D surface)
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
Supported 3D objects
  • Native OpenSceneGraph file formats (OSGB, OSGT, OSG, IVE, etc.)
  • osgEarth files for GIS data
  • SCANeR studio embeds plugins delivered with OpenSceneGraph to load (save) additional 3D file formats as DAE, 3DS, OBJ, FLT, DXF, FBX, PLY
  • For external 3D assets, a plugin is delivered with SCANeR studio to allow users to easily export their 3D objects built in 3DS Max to SCANeR studio
Layers included in 3D generation (each layer are optional and can be or not included into the 3D generation).
  • Roads
  • Road markings
  • Intersections
  • Generic landscape
  • 3D objects
  • Ground definition for vehicle dynamic model
  • Linear objects
  • Left- or Right-Hand Traffic compatibility
  • Automate road signs, objects and markings replacement for internationalization (e.g. easily switch from French to US road network)
Supported output formats
  • Logical information: RoadXML, OpenDrive 1.4
  • Road surface: SOL, RDF, VSTerrain
  • Geometry: osg, ive, dae, 3ds, obj, flt, fbx
  • TERRAIN Mode
  • GeoData and 3DGeneration plugins
Token Management
  • A license is required for each PC